What is the Most Realistic of Betway’s Virtual Sports Services?

September 26, 2018 in news

As we already know, Betway offer its customers a total of seven different Virtual Sports betting services on its website. However, when it comes to comparing the Virtual Sport to its real-life counterpart, from the point of view of betting on it, how does the Virtual version of the sport compare? It’s an intriguing question […]

What’s the Best Sign Up Offer for a Virtual Spots Fan?

September 19, 2018 in news

One of the most important decisions you can make before you even begin Virtual Sports betting is deciding which site to sign up with. We have close links with two sits in particular, Betway and 10Bet and to help you decide which is the right one for you, we have compared both sites. We have […]

What is the Best Approach to Betting on Virtual Sports?

September 12, 2018 in news

One of the most unusual things about Virtual Sports is that it sits in a unique position when it comes to gambling or betting in general. On the one hand, the way Virtual Sports is set up makes it feel and play like you are betting on a real-life sport. The way you place your […]

Are Virtual Sports Fair or Fixed?

September 5, 2018 in news

One of my guilty pleasures, when I have some spare time, is to head on over to the discussion boards and message boards that populate many sites on the Internet. In amongst the useful information and genuine stories from people who want to relate what has happened to them, there are my favourite type of […]

Will Virtual Sports Ever Take Over from Real Life Sports Betting?

August 29, 2018 in news

As with any industry operating in the world today, the sports betting industry is prone to the whims of growing and declining trends. In the early days, the trends were for sports betting on horse racing, but then people began to punt on football and other sports. In the modern era, those trends have become […]

Why Are Virtual Sports Proving So Popular With Punters?

August 22, 2018 in news

Recent studies into the betting habits of sports betting site customers in the UK reveals that after the two big betting markets of football and horse racing, the next biggest market that punters bet on in terms of revenue is Virtual Sports betting. That is an incredible statement when you consider that the very nature […]

Virtual Sports Now the Third Largest Market in the UK Sports Betting Industry

July 25, 2018 in news

For a good while now, I have been referring to Virtual Sports as something of a ‘niche’ market in the sports betting industry, the underlying assumption being that it is one of the smaller markets in terms of gross gaming yield (GGY) for sports betting services. However, with the latest half-yearly figures now in from […]

What’s the Key Information I Can Use When Betting on Virtual Sports?

July 18, 2018 in news

When you are placing a bet on a real-life sporting event you have plenty of information available to you which can help inform your bet. On horseracing for example, you can look at the form of the horse, how well the jockey and the trainer are doing in recent times, you can check whether the […]

What Is A Good Strategy to Adopt for Profitable Betting on Virtual Sports?

July 11, 2018 in news

As you are no doubt aware, along with In Play betting and esports betting, Virtual Sports betting is one of the fastest growing markets in the betting industry at present. It is also not just in the UK that Virtual Sports has pulling power, across Europe (particularly in Italy) and in North America, even in […]