Liam Victor

Liam has been involved in both sports and esports, having worked for a number of online publications. Now he covers mainly the betting industry but with a focus on esports and virtual sports.
Most Prestigious Horse Races

Most Prestigious Horse Races Revealed!

Want to know which are the most prestigious horse races? Then look no further. We’ve prepared this handy guide that outlines the most popular horse races all across the planet. Plus you’ll even get to see which racetracks host these legendary horse racing events. So join us as we see how you can bet on […]
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Horse Racing Sign Up Bonus

Horse Racing Sign Up Bonus Guide

There are plenty of different kinds of horse racing sign-up bonuses out there and we’re going to tell you all about them. You’ll get to see what a horse racing bonus is and why it can be just as important as some good horse racing betting tips. Plus we’ll examine all of the different kinds […]
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Finding The Right Partnerships in Esports

Stakeholders in the esports industry rely on partnerships for growth. Players and fans are arguably the most influential stakeholders in the cycle but esports may struggle to gain traction without money.  That’s where teams, tournaments, franchises, game developers, publishers and investors come in. Teams like G2 Esports, in particular, depend on partnerships for a wide […]
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