Virtual Darts Betting Guide & Tips

Which Betting Sites Offer the Best Virtual Darts Betting Odds?
Virtual Darts Betting

Sports betting fans are having their options boosted on a continual basis at the moment. One of the more exciting innovations in recent years has been the growth of betting on virtual sports. Many great bookies now give punters the chance to enjoy some virtual sports betting. Virtual sports are computer generated contests played between imaginary opponents. They use sophisticated data and statistics from real sports to make sure that the contests are as realistic as possible.

One sport that has become a firm favourite with punters is virtual darts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at virtual darts for you and how you can bet on it. We’ll also let you know how to find good virtual darts betting sites, and how to make good use of virtual darts tips to maximise your chances of placing successful bets. Read on to find out all about virtual darts betting!

What is Virtual Darts Betting?

Virtual darts betting is a pretty simple thing to understand. But first, you need to know what virtual sports are. Virtual sports are where you watch and bet on computer generated sporting contests. Many online bookies now give you the chance to bet on a whole range of virtual sports. If you like the kind of football betting UK punters tend to enjoy then there are plenty of virtual football leagues on which you can bet. You can also usually find virtual tennis, basketball, horse racing and a whole host more, including darts.

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The contests in the virtual form of the sport are faster than in real life. This means that you can bet time and again on the same league throughout a pretty short period of time. This creates a different sense of pressure to betting on a normal darts match, which can take hours to reach its conclusion. In a sense, watching the virtual form of the sport is more like watching an Esport, though both players are computer controlled rather than being controlled by another human being.

What are the Differences between Virtual Darts Betting and Real-Life Darts Betting?

Obviously, there are some significant differences between real darts and virtual darts, especially when it comes to betting. You can’t make use of virtual darts tips in the same way that you would use the latest real life darts betting tips. Virtual games are much faster, for one thing, and you are not relying on your detailed knowledge of real players’ careers and forms to help improve your chances of success.

The main difference is one of speed. Each virtual darts match consists of one leg and usually takes around five minutes to complete. This makes things fast-moving and ever-changing, so it feels much more like darts live betting. In fact, if you have previously enjoyed darts live betting then you’re probably ready to try out some virtual sports betting.

Always carefully plan and prepare your bets

Nevertheless, the same principles hold true for almost any kind of betting. If you want to be successful when you use the latest virtual darts tips, you need to know as much as possible about the competitions on which you are betting. While virtual darts players are not subject to the same pressures and personalities that real life darts players are, they still have their own particular set of playing circumstances that you need to know about.

Planning and preparation are key to being successful at betting on virtual sports, just as with real sports. The way that you get hold of the latest virtual darts tips is to look at the form and past results. Those players may just be a set of computer generated algorithms, but they still have patterns of play and strengths that you can identify to help you place more successful bets. You can find out more about how to bet on the virtual form of darts next.

How to Bet on Virtual Darts

So you have picked up some darts betting tips and you’re keen to try some wagering on the virtual form of darts. What is the next step? Well, after finding one of the many UK online sportsbooks that offer betting on virtual sports, these are the types of bets that you can place on their darts offerings.

Match Winner

This is a very straightforward form of betting where you simply select which of the two players in a match you expect to win. If you’re already a bit of an expert when it comes to darts betting odds then this should be no problem for you. Just be ready for the games to move a bit more quickly than they do in real life.

Dart Markets

Just as with darts live betting in real life, you can bet on which checkout option the players will take to win the game. So you can bet on whether a player will finish the game and win by throwing a double 20, double 16 or any number, just as in real life darts.

Colours Markets

This market is similar to the dart markets, only rather than betting on which double you suspect a player will check out on, you place your wager on which colour they seal their victory on. Just as with real life darts, you can pick from red or green.

First Three Darts

With this market, you bet on the score that your favoured player will rack up with the first three darts of the game. This is a market where you need to adjudge a player’s ability to perform well right at the beginning of a match.

Total Checkout

This market usually allows you to bet on whether one of the players will check out with a score of under 40.5 or over 40.5 at the end of the contest. This is another market where you need to know plenty about an individual player’s style of play – yes, even virtual players have their own quirks, strengths and weaknesses so make sure you’re paying attention at all times.


There is a usually a whole range of special markets available on the virtual form of darts, just as there is on a real game of darts. These special markets include things like a nine-dart finish and whether a 180 will be scored.

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Are there Any Virtual Darts Leagues?

While there are not virtual darts leagues in the sense that you might find a darts league in your local pub, there competitions and tournaments that are played out at betting sites like Bet365 and Betfred. Indeed, the choice of Bet365 virtual sports is particularly extensive. The format of these competitions is pretty much the same as that of normal darts, though the matches only consist of one leg in the virtual form of the game.

Check out your favoured online sportsbook to see what kind of competitions they offer in the virtual form of darts. You may see a league or competition that bases some of the virtual players on real life players. This can actually be somewhat helpful when it comes to assessing the odds on offer, just as with darts live betting in real life. You should not necessarily expect the virtual versions of real life players to behave as they would in real life, of course, as they are computer generated, but it can give something of an indication as to how they might perform.

Virtual Darts Software

The premier provider of virtual darts betting games is a company called Inspired. You can find their Rush Darts live game at many top operators in the sports betting sector, including Betfred. Their games actually feature virtual versions of real life players, so playing at virtual darts betting sites with Rush Darts can be a fun way of indulging in a spot of sports nostalgia too.

Inspired’s version of virtual sports betting is optimised for use on mobile devices too, so you can follow all the action on your phone or tablet. Virtual sports betting is a fast moving and exciting way to bet, so you do not want to be slowed down by having a form of the game that isn’t properly optimised for mobile devices.

Virtual Darts is Fair and Legitimate

Many newcomers to the world of virtual sports betting may have concerns that the games are fixed or are otherwise set to favour the bookie over the punter. This is not the case. The main thing that you can do to feel rest assured that you are not being cheated when you use virtual darts betting sites is to check the site’s licence. If they hold a licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission then you are in safe hands.

The UKGC is one of the world’s most stringent gambling regulatory bodies, and it regularly audits all companies that hold one of its licences. To continue to hold a licence, an operator must be able to prove that they are adhering to certain standards of fairness and security. This means that their games are checked on a regular basis to ensure that customers are not in any way being cheated.

So if you have picked up some virtual darts tips and you have found what you think is a good bookie, check the licence first. This information will usually be displayed somewhere on the site’s homepage, so it is easy to check. If it is not on the homepage, get in touch with the site’s customer services team. If they confirm that the site has a UKGC licence then you can relax knowing that the darts betting odds for virtual sports are fair and above board.


While betting on the virtual form of the game is not the same as using the latest darts betting tips as you would bet on real life sports, there are many similarities. The darts betting odds that you will see in virtual matches will look very familiar to you if you are already a fan of betting on real life darts. Many of the markets that are available to bet on in the virtual form of the game are very similar to those that you will find on real life darts games too.

Virtual sports can be a tremendously entertaining way of enjoying some betting. If you already have a good knowledge of darts then virtual darts might well provide you with another string to your betting bow. Give it a go, you never know how successful you might be!

Virtual Darts Betting FAQs

Virtual darts is a form of virtual sports where the contests are computer generated using statistics from real games. It can be fast moving and fun to watch, and it also gives you plenty of great betting opportunities.

If you have enjoyed some betting on real life darts in the past then you should be familiar with how virtual darts betting works. Many of the markets are the same, and you essentially bet on the same serious of outcomes that you would in a game of real darts. The only real difference is that the players in virtual darts are computer generated. Many of them are based on real players, though.

Virtual darts is legal to watch and bet on in the UK. If you want to feel further reassured that you are in safe and legitimate hands when betting on virtual darts, it is a good idea to check to make sure that the betting site has a UKGC license. This means that the site has to maintain very strict standards of fairness and security.

Yes, it is possible to find ways to play darts online, and there are darts leagues where you can actually play various forms of the game online. You should remember, though, that this is not the same as virtual darts. The virtual form of the sport is where you watch and bet on games between computer generated players and you do not have any influence over the outcome.

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