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Looking for horse racing odds? We can help with that as we’ll show you which online bookmakers have the best horse betting odds on the market. This means that you can relax in the knowledge that you have the best bets for all horse races from the Grand National to the Kentucky Derby and beyond. So join us as we reveal how we find the best horse betting odds and what this means for your bets!

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What do horse racing odds mean?

Odds refer to the likelihood of something happening. So if something has high odds, then it’s less likely to happen compared to something with low odds. However, when it comes to betting, high odds might be better than low odds because if you bet on high odds and win, you’d get a bigger payout compared to low odds.

Odds can be displayed either as fractional, decimal or American format. Of these, decimal format is probably the easiest to understand. So if you saw a horse that had odds of 4.00 to win a race, it would be less likely to win a race than a horse with odds of 2.00, but you’d get a better payout should the horse with higher odds win.

Why you need the best horse racing odds

Horse racing betting odds

It might be an obvious thing to say that odds are important to your bets. After all, it is the odds that determine what kind of payout you get. If you go to a bunch of different bookmakers, you’ll find that they have roughly similar odds for a particular horse to win a race.

But even the slightest of edges in the odds can have a dramatic effect on your returns depending on what kind of stake you put down. Plus if you add up these returns over the course of a year, you’ll quickly see how important it is to get the best odds on the market.

Why you need our horse racing odds checker

We’ve given you an easy way to see which online bookmakers have the most generous horse racing betting odds. This is because we are able to instantly compare what all of the best betting sites have in terms of odds for any given horse race. So you can simply check out our odds comparison and instantly find the best odds on the market.

This saves you from the inconvenience of having to individually visit each of these bookmakers. Instead, you can concentrate on the fun of researching the race so that you can put down your bets with a little more confidence.

Horse racing odds

The best horse racing odds for the biggest races

We’ll make sure that you find the best odds for those horse races that are the real big-hitters. This means that you’ll be first in line to see who has the top bets for those major UK horse racing events like the Grand National, Royal Ascot and the Cheltenham Festival. We’ll be more than happy to reveal which bookies have the best odds for all of the Triple Crown races in the US and obviously the most glamorous horse race of all – the Melbourne Cup.

All of this is important as these major horse races attract a massive amount of interest from people who never normally have much of an interest in horse racing. As a result, all of the horse racing betting sites will be trying to outdo each other with the odds on offer. This is where we come in as we’ll help you instantly find those bookies with the best odds for the biggest horse races.

Top horse betting odds for all over the world

Horse racing is a truly global sport and there’s always a great race to bet on somewhere in the world. So we’ll make sure that you find the best odds for all regular horse races as well as the big ones. This means that you’ll quickly get to see the bookies with awesome odds for race meetings at top UK racecourses like Chepstow, Epsom and Goodwood.

The same extends to US horse racing to make sure that you get the best odds for all of those races everywhere from Gulfstream Park and Belmont Park to Santa Anita and much more. In fact, our horse racing odds comparison extends all over the world to include races in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, France and anywhere else that hosts the horse races that you want to bet on!

Horse betting odds for different markets

Chances are that you’ll be betting on the race winner most of the time. But we’ll help you find the best odds for you if you want to try different kinds of bets. This means that you’ll get plenty of help in finding the greatest value if you want to try an each-way bet.

Plus our odds comparison can work wonders when trying anything from exotic bets to accumulators. After all, even the slightest difference in the odds can pay off massively when it comes to these horse racing bets. So do yourself a favour, and make sure that you use our odds comparison before you bet on any horse race.

Why we won’t feature horse racing live odds

While we are proud to help you find horse racing odds for pretty much any race all over the world, the one thing that you aren’t going to find are horse racing odds live. This is because live betting and horse racing don’t really work too well together just yet.

There have been some advances in the use of satellite technology in helping to track the exact movements of each horse, but the time lag has meant that live betting is still not possible. Hopefully, things will improve in the future so that you can come here and enjoy some horse racing odds live. But until that happens, you’ll just have to bet before the big race begins.

Promos that’ll help you get better horse betting odds

The great news is that most bookies will put on special offers that commonly help you get even greater value for your horse racing bets. Here are some of the best horse racing promos that we’ve come across:

  • Best odds guaranteed: These are relatively common deals and it means that if you put down a bet before a horse race, and then the odds get better before the race begins, you can automatically get the superior odds.
  • Odds boosts: This simply gives you enhanced odds for particular runners or betting markets.
  • Extra places: These deals will allow a horse to finish further back in a race and you could still hang onto your betting stake. Not the same as getting better odds, but valuable all the same!
  • Profit boosts: Sometimes a bookie will increase your profits made from certain kinds of bets. These kinds of deals commonly feature for accumulator betting where you’d get greater profits from including more selections in your bet.
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Helping you predict racehorses results

There’s not much point in hunting down the best horse racing odds unless you actually win your bets. So we’ve got plenty of advice on our site that will help you raise your game when it comes to making horse betting predictions. This means that you should be able to bet on anything from the winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup to the New Zealand Derby safe in the knowledge that you aren’t missing out on any important information.

Analysis of horse racing breeding, going and more!

Our site is packed full of the facts you need to inform your horse racing bets. This means that you’ll get to know the breeding and past form of each of the runners that you’re thinking of betting on. Plus you’ll learn all about the jockeys, trainers and racehorse owners so that you get a good idea of what’s most likely to happen.

Plus we’ll make sure that you’re up to speed with the history of the racecourse in question. This will help you see what’s most likely to happen according to different track conditions or ‘going’. All you need to bet on that horse race with confidence!

Stick with us to find the best horse racing odds

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll know that we are crazy about betting on horse racing. This is because it’s such a fun sport to bet on and the only thing missing are some horse racing live odds. Thankfully we are here to guide you to the best bets on the market so that you can afford to spend a little more time making your predictions.

All of this is important and it’s not easy trying to predict the winner of a horse race, so you can at least make sure that you get some decent returns if you do manage to get lucky. So be sure to bookmark this page to be first in line for the best horse racing betting odds!

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