Racehorse Owners


Want to know more about the top racehorse owners? Read more about how you can own a racehorse here!

Owning a racehorse has often been seen as a sign of possessing tremendous wealth, with the likes of rock stars like Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones or former professional footballers like Michael Owen among the star names who dabble in racehorse ownership. A share in a racehorse is not beyond the reach of many ordinary horse racing fans, however. If you want to find out more about the top racehorse owners in the world then you can discover some information here. We’ll also tell you a little bit about how racehorse ownership is not just the preserve of the super-rich, so read on to find out more!

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racehorse owners

Famous racehorse owners

In case you were wondering who the top owners in horse racing are, here is a quick rundown of some of the best-known names.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson: The former Manchester United manager took his track record of success from football into horse racing, famously co-owning Rock of Gibraltar, the 2002 Horse of the Year, with Sue Magnier. The horse ran in Manchester United colours, and won over £1.1 million in earnings throughout the course of its career.
  • Dame Judi Dench: The Academy Award-winning actress, a household name across the world thanks to her glittering career in movies, has had an association with horse racing since she was a child in York.
  • Steven Spielberg: Another Hollywood icon who enjoys spending time on the turf, Steven Spielberg has also owned racehorses. After directing the movie Sea Biscuit, Spielberg acquired a 10% stake in Atswhatimtalkingabout, a horse who managed fourth place in the 2003 Kentucky Derby.

Can you own a share in a racehorse?

It is possible for anyone to own a racehorse, as long as they can afford to buy one. One way that people who do not have access to tremendous wealth can enjoy racehorse ownership is to own a share in a racehorse. This is actually a really accessible way of joining in the fun and thrills of the Sport of Kings without having to spend excessive amounts of money.

Many racehorses are now owned by syndicates consisting of many people. So for a relatively small outlay, you can own part of a horse. Indeed, the Jockey Club is one body in the UK that offers ordinary punters the chance to purchase a stake in a horse as part of a syndicate. While some might see this as an investment opportunity, the vast majority of part-owners are simply there for the entertainment and thrills provided by seeing their horse reach the finish line first.

Why are racehorse owners important for your betting strategy?

While owners are not as important as horses, jockeys, or trainers when it comes to formulating a winning betting strategy for horseracing, you should still pay attention to their names. The most famous owners, most of whom possess incredible wealth, chase success. They are not the kind of people who want to be associated with losing ventures.

This means that successful owners are constantly searching for the highest quality horses to own. Owning horses that win races brings prestige, which is something that wealthy people often prize over mere money. If you see that a horse is owned by a name that you recognise, it might be worth considering adding it to your bet slip.

Can racehorse owners bet on their own horses?

Racehorse owners are allowed to back their own horses to win, but they cannot place lay bets against their own horses. Basically, owners cannot back their own horse to lose. This is a similar rule to the one that governs the betting behaviour of top racehorse trainers. So if you manage to acquire a stake in a racehorse of your own, you can still place bets on it. Just as long as you are backing it to win!


The rise of virtual horse racing has added another layer of enjoyment to betting on horse racing, but it is impossible to beat the thrill of the real thing. Even without the tremendous wealth of some of the world’s most famous racehorse owners, you can still enjoy some of the thrills of ownership by buying a share of a racehorse. You should also pay close attention to the owner’s name when you are betting on horse racing. Always remember that no nugget of information isn’t worth knowing when it comes to putting together a successful betting strategy!

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