Virtual Motor Racing

Motor racing is a sport that attracts viewers from all over the world, whether to the Euro-centric world of Formula 1 or the NASCAR version of the sport favored in the southern states of the US.

Along with those big-name versions of motor racing there are countless variations of the sport enjoyed by motor-heads around the globe, so it should not be a surprise to find motor racing listed in the events covered by virtual sports betting.

Best Virtual Motor racing betting sites 2024

  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • 10Bet

What is virtual motor racing?

Real-life motor racing is a sport which costs millions of dollars to run and organize, and is powered by extremely
wealthy backers. Virtual motorsports on the other hand costs no more than any other virtual sports betting option as it is an animated version of the real sport powered by random number generators.

The visuals mimic what you would expect to see from a new release Playstation racing game, except for the fact that you are just a spectator as the cars zoom around the virtual track. Place your bets before the race starts and sit back to enjoy this simulated version of motor-car racing play out in front of your eyes.

Virtual motor racing bet types

Virtual motorsports offer the usual sorts of odds you would expect to find from a virtual racing sport, except the larger field means that some of the cars go off at longer odds than you can find with other virtual sports betting. For example, it is possible to find a virtual car starting at odds as long as 66 or even 80-1, meaning that a short two lap race could just bring a major return on a small investment. Win and each-way betting markets are available on this virtual sport, with some bookies also offering forecast and tricast options although this is not particularly popular due to the large size of the field.

Watching and betting on virtual motor racing

While some virtual sports could almost pass for the real thing, virtual motorsports certainly don’t match up to the original in terms of excitement and visceral energy.

However, you can still enjoy the simulated version of an F1 race without having to put aside three or four hours of your day. The virtual version of the sport takes just a couple of laps, and is generally contested with quite a field of about 12 cars, which is more than you will find on other virtual racing sports like greyhound racing or speedway.

The engine sounds and commentary help to enhance the viewing experience, and punters are treated to multi-angle shots of the race as it gets underway to make for an entertaining watch.

Are virtual motor races fair?

Virtual motor races are powered by the random number generating software, and the results are what determine the outcome of the races. That means, of course, that factors such as driver skills or engine reliability don’t come into the equation.

Some people just plain don’t trust what they can’t see with their own eyes, and for that reason will have suspicions as to the fairness of virtual sports betting. In fact, independent bodies such as eCOGRA carry out comprehensive tests on the RNG software that powers virtual sports.

And as the online gambling area is particularly strongly regulated, you won’t find any online bookies trying to manipulate the outcome of virtual races.

Virtual racing pros and cons

Nothing can compare with the thrills and excitement of real-life motor racing, where lives are in the balance as courageous drivers try to get the most from their cars. Virtual motorsports cannot attempt to compete with the real thing in terms of visual spectacle – not yet at least!

However, whereas real motorsports are incredibly expensive and races are few and far between, virtual races can be held every couple of minutes. Naturally, this offers lots more betting opportunities for those who enjoy a wager on motorsports, and this particular form of virtual sports betting is one of the most popular on the market.

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