How to Win Virtual Games: Virtual Sports Betting Tips

5 Top Tips For Success When Betting on Virtual Sports

Written By Ian John on March 24, 2021 - Last Updated on February 9, 2023
top tips for virtual sports betting

If you are betting on virtual sports or indeed making any bet of any form on any event, then your primary aim is quite simply to win the bet. If you want to learn how to win virtual games you may modify the bet to offer you more flexibility if your bet does not win (such as by backing your selection each way), but the primary aim of the punter has to be ensuring they get a return which will see them make a profit.

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Virtual Sports Betting Tips

Over the years a number of people have come up with betting systems which they claim can lead to a profit but all of them have their flaws and are not 100% reliable. This article is certainly not promising you a system for betting on virtual sports.

Instead, what we are going to do is offer some salient advice and virtual betting tips on how to bet on a number of virtual sports profitably. Admittedly, the profit is unlikely to be huge (unless you can land one of those rare 28/1 winners at the right time) but the crucial thing is that at the end of your session, you should hopefully have a little bit more cash in your account than you had when you started.

And perhaps of equal importance, if you have not made a profit then your losses are not going to be entirely destructive to your sports betting bankroll.

How to Win at Virtual Sports Betting: Five Virtual Betting Tips

Here are our five top tips you should use as a guideline when you are wagering on virtual sports. We hope that by following these simple tips you can enjoy more profitable betting on the full range of virtual sports.

Tip 1: Select your Virtual Sport wisely

On a site like Bet365, you have a choice of eight different virtual sports under seven different headings. You may think that betting on all these sports is essentially the same, but the different parameters within each sport and the types of sports matter greatly in terms of your potential for winning.

In the case of the game options (currently football and tennis), the number of competitors always remains the same, as does the type of bet offered in each game. If you prefer betting on games then in truth, there’s little difference in betting on Virtual Football compared to Virtual Tennis betting. It’s simply a choice between the different markets available based on each sport.

However in terms of race-based sports, which all other virtual sports games at Bet365 are based upon, then there are different parameters involved. In horse racing, for example, races can have between 6 and 15 runners, in greyhounds the number of competitors is always 6, in Speedway it is four, but in Motor Racing, it is 12 cars. Cycling has between 6 and 9 competitors while Trotting always has eight competitors.

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In a game such as virtual sports where volatility is high and there is a great deal of randomness built into events, then the best way you can put the odds more in your favour is betting on sports that offer fewer options to bet on. Statistically, you are more likely to pick a winner more often in a 4-bike Speedway race, than you are a 6-dog greyhound race or a 6 to15 runner horse race.

If you want to learn how to win virtual games, the first piece of advice I would follow is to stick to sports with fewer betting options available. The odds may not be as wide-ranging or as high, but the chances of you winning are greater the fewer options to bet on you have.

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Tip 2: Bet small amounts

Virtual sports are weighted to give you a representation of a real-life event but within that is a degree of randomness which means that it is extraordinarily difficult to predict with any certainty who will win an event or what a successful bet will be, there are still a few virtual betting tricks to improve your betting experience.

In such volatile markets, it is fundamental that punters only make smaller bets to avoid incurring heavy losses. Therefore, my approach to Virtual Sports is that I only bet a fraction of what I would on real-life sports on each bet, simply due to the volatile nature of this type of game.

Smaller bets of course mean smaller wins if you do win, but even a small win will result in a profit, while a small loss means that you can absorb this loss easily and try to get some money back on the next event you want to bet on.  This leads us neatly into the third tip.

Tip 3: Don’t chase your lossesvirtual betting tips

One of the biggest and easiest ways to lose money on virtual sports is to place a few smaller bets, see them lose and then start to increase the value of your bet in order to cover your losses take a look at these virtual sports betting tips for improving your loss to win ratio.

What tends to happen here is that rather than recoup your losses, you tend to find your losses increase, but just at a greater rate.

If you are finding it hard to win on Virtual Sports then the sensible thing to do is stop, change sports (maybe try Virtual Speedway with its four runners) or even move back into a form of betting that you know far more about and where less things are down to random chance or weighted computer software.

Chasing your losses in Virtual Sports seldom results in a positive outcome for the punter and it is always the best course of action to call it a day, regroup and try and win money another time perhaps in another type of betting or when the Virtual Sports gods are more on your side.

Tip 4: Target certain bets/virtual sports more often

Having used the information above to understand the way I can increase my chances of winning, what you now need to do is ensure you keep maximising those chances by choosing the right sports to bet on and the right bets to make on these sports. There is no fast and easy way to learn how to win at virtual sports betting, but you can improve your chances.

The list below is the types of sports and events that I would bet on while playing Virtual Sports more often than others, simply because I believe these sports and bets offer me a better chance of a winner than other sports.

  • Match Result bets in Football/Tennis
  • Win bets on Speedway (4 riders)
  • Each Way bets on Greyhound Racing (6 runners)
  • Each Way bets on Horseracing Races with 6-8 runners
  • Each Way bets on Cycling with 6-9 racing
  • Each Way bets on Trotting (8 runners)
  • Win bets on Greyhound Racing (6 runners)
  • Win bets on Horseracing Races with 6 or 7 runners
  • Win bets on Cycling with 6 or 7 runners
  • Win bets on Trotting (8 runners)

This doesn’t mean that I don’t bet on other virtual sports betting games or markets, simply that I believe these types of bets and races offer me the best chance of a profit than the others.

Tip 5: Back the favorites and shorter-priced options more often but not always

Although virtual sports have a degree of randomness built into them, favorites are weighted in these events which means that over a number of events, the favorites should win or at least be placed higher in the leaderboards more often than outsiders.

As such, it is good practice to back favorites each way as often if they don’t win, they can come in third or second in an event and at least generate you a return. Admittedly, this is not much but it does at least guarantee you a profit, or reduce the size of your loss.

The only time I don’t follow this rule is when a favorite has won or been placed in several races in a row (usually 3). In this case, I will then start to look at slightly longer odds options (usually between 6/1 to 12/1) and back these either each way or more rarely as a win bet.

How to Win Virtual Games: Virtual Betting Tricks

If you want to learn how to win virtual games, you should follow the five tips we have outlined above.

  • Remember, always choose your virtual sport wisely, find the one that you understand the best and stick with it.
  • Don’t go all out, if you bet small amounts and don’t throw good money after bad you will be able to minimize your losses.

After all, it’s virtual sports, you aren’t stuck with a traditional schedule and you can bet on another game almost immediately. Since virtual sports are based on a random number generator the only way for you to predict the winner is to look at the odds offered by the betting site.

If you are making several bets on virtual sports, you should always back the favorite. If you follow these tips and tricks you can minimize your losses and find more success when betting on virtual sports.

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