A Review of 10Bet’s Virtual Sports Betting Services

Written By Ian John on November 1, 2017

Although we have focused on the Virtual Sports betting options offered by our other affiliate sites in the main, 10Bet also offer a slightly smaller service than you would find on the other sites and in this article, we are going to explore exactly what the site has to offer.

Let’s begin with a broad overview of the different options available for you with Virtual Sports at 10Bet.

10Bet Virtual Sports

It is fair to say that 10Bet’s Virtual Sports service is a much smaller offering than you would find at the likes of Betway. There are just three sports offered at 10Bet and they mirror the most popular forms of standard betting on the site:

  • Virtual Football
  • Virtual Horse Racing
  • Virtual Greyhounds

One thing to note here is that each of the three Virtual Sports offered by 10Bet uses the same base software as the Virtual Sports offering you would find on Betway, and indeed many other sites. However, like these other bookmakers, 10Bet have personalised the software so that their particular sites and offers are displayed within them.

However, in all key respects, such as the game mechanics, commentaries, graphics and sound, the software at 10Bet is the same as what you would find at most other sites offering Virtual Sports to its customers.

Let’s now take a look at each of the individual sports available at 10Bet and see what they offer and how they compare to other sites Virtual Sports offering.

10Bet Virtual Football

With 10Bet’s Virtual Football service you only have International matches between randomly selected opponents to bet on with each match taking around three minutes to complete from start to finish. There are no ‘club’ matches to pick from and so the selection of games available is a smaller selection than some of their competitor sites.

The presentation of the games has been nicely done and in many ways, is similar to the service offered by Betway. The console on which you view the highlights of the game is also bigger than what you can find on some competitors and is about the same size as Betway’s offering.

When it comes to markets available, 10Bet offers the following markets on its Virtual Football service:

  • Match Result Full Time
  • Correct Score
  • Total Goals
  • Double Chance
  • Under/Over 0.5 Goals
  • Under/Over 1.5 Goals
  • Under/Over 2.5 Goals
  • Under/Over 3.5 Goals
  • First Team to Score
  • Half Time/Full Time

There is a nice balance between markets with have just two or three options (such as all the Under/Over markets, First Team to score and the Match Result betting) as well as the markets that have a greater diversity of choice of bets available.

This is because Virtual Football is constrained by some simple rules, one of them being there can be no more than four goals scored in any Virtual Football game and as a result, that gives each Virtual Football match a finite number of possible outcomes.

The total goals market for example has a choice of five options (between 0 and 4 goals scored), and the Correct Score has a choice of 15 potential bets available.

Obviously, the markets with more options available does give punters the chance to enjoy some longer odds betting, as well as the shorter odds options available on the markets with just two or three choices available in each.

The range of odds available in some of the markets is quite large with odds of up to 325/1 available on some score lines between teams and plentiful betting opportunities within the 6-1 to 100/1 range across the broad range of options available.  What is a nice touch is that when you click on a betting market, you are given the odds for that market for the next four games being played meaning you can place several bets on the same market at once very easily.

10Bet’s Virtual Football offering is perhaps a little less comprehensive than available on some other sites, but it still offers all the key betting markets to select from and with just three minutes for each game, you can rattle through the matches very quickly indeed.

10Bet Virtual Horse Racing

Unlike other companies which may offer racing from a number of different Virtual racecourses, with 10Bet you are restricted to just the single track, although the number of runners and riders in the race does vary with each race.  Each race takes three minutes to complete.

When it comes to betting on each race then you only have a choice of two main betting markets. You can bet on the standard to win bet (or you can back a runner each way if you prefer) and then you can also place a bet on the Forecast or Tricast markets for any race.

What is a novelty on 10Bet however is that along with your To Win and Each Way bets you can also bet on the horse finishing in the top three of a race and the odds for this is located next to the standard odds for that selection to win.

Aoart from the top 3 finish bet, the betting markets available mirrors the types of betting that you would find on any of the other sites offering Virtual Horseracing.

The range of odds available with 10Bet is generally good with most races offering a wide selection of odds from odds on favourites, through to much longer odds choices and of course, the Forecast/Tricast betting options offer further scope to make some much longer odds bets if you so wish.

10Bet Virtual Greyhounds

Virtual Greyhounds always features six runners (just as a real greyhound race does) and there is a gap of three minutes between each race. What is also important to note here and some good planning, is that the start times for Football, Horse Racing and Greyhounds in the Virtual Sports section at 10Bet are staggered, so you can bet on one, move to another and bet on that, then move to the third and bet on that, and then by that point the result of your first bets should be known.

The markets you can bet on with 10Bet Virtual Greyhounds are the To Win market, Each Way and a bet on the greyhound finishing in 1st or 2nd place in the race. You can also place a Forecast/Tricast bet, so the markets offered are very similar to those for Virtual Horseracing.

The odds for Greyhound racing are not as wide ranging as with horse racing bets so you tend to find a wider breadth of odds available on races, although with fewer runners, your chances of picking a winner are increased.

10Bet’s Virtual Sports service is certainly workable and offers fewer sports and a slightly smaller number of betting markets. However, it does contain all the key bets and a couple of bets that are not available with rival companies. If you enjoy Virtual Sports betting on the more generally available markets and prefer to do it on any of the three sports available at 10Bet, then this is a decent site to indulge yourself with a little Virtual Sports betting from time to time.

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