Abios Launches All-New CSGO Esports Betting Product

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on May 18, 2023
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It was recently announced by Abios, a distributor of esports technology and data, that it has launched an all-new CSGO betting product. As the demand for esports betting markets and odds grows by the day, operators like Abios are responding to the need for more advanced options and services. This new CSGO-focused product will empower Abios’ sportsbook partners, giving them the option to offer their punters same-game parlay, flash markets, player props, and even round-by-round betting.

Abios’ offering will also include a ‘bet builder’ product that will allow players to combine markets on a single slip, much like an accumulator. It was noted that while this product has been developed for CSGO, it’ll be made available for other titles in the near future, such as League of Legends and VALORANT.

Levelling Up The Markets

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There’s no slowing the esports betting train at present, which does admittedly differ in quite some way from virtual sports betting – the two shouldn’t be confused. It must be said that firms like Abios are spearheading the growth of the industry, and products like this one only serve to improve the global offering available to esports bettors.

In a statement, the CEO and Founder of Abios, Oskar Froberg, had nothing but positive points to make about the product:

‘We are happy to release a product that unites the features we’ve seen at the forefront of sports betting with esports. While we have seen that many operators are including esports in their offerings, there is a growing demand for better esports odds products. Products that reflect the fast, dynamic gameplay in esports.

With a same-game bet builder, round-by-round betting and player props, we believe CS:GO is finally ready product-wise to reach the next frontier, to become one of the top-tier sports in terms of turnover in sportsbooks’

Abios has now been trading for a decade, and it has worked with some of the biggest and most popular sportsbooks in the world. In March 2023, the firm posted a breakdown of the esports betting industry, putting forth a deep dive into data summed up from 2022. In this breakdown, it was revealed that CSGO was the most popular esports betting title and that the Intel Extreme Masters group of tournaments saw the most betting traffic throughout the year.

It was also revealed that the most popular esports organisation – in terms of betting turnover – was FaZe Clan. At present, FaZe Clan fields a team in many major esports titles, from VALORANT and Halo to CSGO and Call of Duty.

Reportedly, as much as 60% of all esports bets are made in-play. It’s assumed that going forward, Abios’ new CSGO betting product will better facilitate that trend and help out with those bettors placing wagers as the CSGO action unfolds.

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