Betr Fined $210,000 By New South Wales Enforcers

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on April 20, 2023
betr fined

It has only been a year since Betr launched in Australia, but the betting firm has already had its fair share of bad press. In February of this year, the operator was fined $75,000 AUD for using a ‘spam’ operating model in its advertising techniques – and that almost lost Betr its license. Now, the firm has been fined again, this time to the tune of $210,000 AUSD, for adopting law-breaking marketing practices in New South Wales.

It was explained that Betr had violated regulations by ‘inducing’ and ‘enticing’ new bettors to the platform. In a series of advertising campaigns, Betr touted enhanced odds and special offers, which was directly in breach of regulations in place in New South Wales. In keeping with the rules, operators can only promote betting bonuses and offers to existing customers, and any other promotions and campaigns must avoid ‘enticing language.’

Break The Rules, Pay The Price

betr fined
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This record fine imposed on Betr comes off the back of fourteen violations, all filed against the relatively new Australian betting firm. Reportedly, Betr agreed to pay the fines out of court, settling in order to ‘resolve the matter amicably.’ Despite being a new sportsbook, Betr is backed by founder Matthew Tripp, who has long been a recognisable figure in the sports betting industry. When Tripp founded Betr, he was able to secure a hefty investment from News Corp Australia, owned by Rupert Murdoch.

However, ahead of this fine being imposed on the operator (and after the last fine), two News Corp executives who were serving on Betr’s board withdrew from their posts. There are whisperings that just a year after its inception, investors could already be pulling away from Betr, citing poor financial performance and, of course, the fines that were issued so early on in the platform’s lifecycle.

In a statement, Jane Lin, the Executive Director of Regulatory Operations and Enforcement at the Liquor and Gaming NSW Agency, said:

“This company tried to attract a new customer base and establish a significant market share with promotions that we consider crossed the line, using inducements that had the potential to cause harm to the community. In many cases, such promotions can only be legally offered to betting account holders who, unlike the general public, have made a conscious decision to open an account and receive this information.”

Thanks to a ‘zero-tolerance approach’ to the publication of illegal gambling inducements, the Liquor & Gaming NSW regulatory body will happily clamp down on any operator flouting the rules.

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