How Do Betway And Bet365 Virtual Motor Sports Games Compare?

Written By Ian John on October 18, 2017

The roar of the engine, the incredible Doppler effect as the cars go racing by the camera, the macho battle between drivers as they attempt to win the race, taking risks as they overtake each other at great speed. With the modern Virtual Motor Sports game available at Betway and Bet365 Sport, you can almost smell the oil from the pits.

With both of these operators offering two forms of Motor Sport Virtual Sports betting, one on car racing and one on Speedway, in this article we are going to examine any similarities or differences between the two and look at the different types of betting you can enjoy on each site, before deciding which is the best option if this type of Virtual Sports is to your liking.

Let’s now take a look in a head-to-head comparison between the two different sites when it comes to their two Motor Sports offerings:

Venue and Competitors

The table below highlights the main differences and similarities between the two comparable motor car racing Virtual Sports at Betway and Bet365 Sport in terms of the presentation and the race itself:

Item Betway Motor Car Racing Bet365 Motor Car Racing
1.     Name of Circuit Monsanto Park Circuit Mitchell Circuit
2.     Number of Cars 12 per race 12 per race
3.     Mins between races 3 mins 3 mins
4.     Commentary Yes Yes
5.     Lap Tracker Yes Yes
6.     Position Tracker Yes Yes

Essentially, there is very little difference between the two car racing options at Betway and Bet365 Sport in terms of presentation and the sport itself. Betway has recently revamped how it presents their Virtual Sports, so their console is slightly bigger and thus easier to follow, especially on smaller screens.

Similar data is provided below for both the Speedway Virtual Sports options at Betway and Bet365 Sport

Item Betway Speedway Bet365 Speedway
1.     Name of Circuit High Beech Arena Sterling Stadium
2.     Number of Riders 4 per race 4 per race
3.     Mins between races 3 mins 3 mins
4.     Commentary Yes Yes
5.     Pre-Race Preview Yes No
6.     Full Screen Option Yes No

The main differences between the two sites’ Speedway Virtual Sports is the fact that Betway now offer a preview of the riders before the race starts and you can expand the Virtual Sport to cover the full screen, whereas Bet365 Speedway’s Virtual Sport does not have either of these offerings.

Other than that both the games are virtually identical in every other respect.

Types of Betting

The table below outlines the different types of betting you can place on virtual motor car racing at both Betway and Bet365 Sport.

Bet Betway Bet365
1.     To Win Yes Yes
2.     Each Way Yes, 1/5 odds for top 3 Yes, 1/4 odds for top 3
3.     Forecast No Yes
4.     Tricast No Yes
5.     Top 2 Finish Yes No

What is immediately apparent is that both companies offer a different range of bets to the other. Betway has To Win and how to bet on virtual sportsEach Way betting, plus betting on finishing in the top 2 of the race. Bet365 has To Win and Each Way betting plus Forecast and Tricast betting, but they do not offer Top 2 finish betting.

However, the key factor here may well not be the markets offered but the long-term value offered if you want to bet Each Way on these events. That’s because with Betway a top three finish in an each way bet pays out at 1/5 of the odds, whereas at Bet365, it is 1/4 of the odds. That means that pound for pound, you will get more return for your money with Bet365 than at Betway when betting each way at Virtual motor racing.

We’re now going to look at the different types of bets available for Virtual Speedway on both of the sites:

Bet Betway Bet365
1.     To Win Yes Yes
2.     Each Way Yes, 1/4 odds for top 2 No
3.     Forecast No Yes
4.     Top 3 Finish Yes No
5.     Top 2 Finish Yes No

As you can see here, both sites offer the standard To Win bet but after that what each site offers differs considerably for Virtual Speedway.

Betway will allow punters to place each way bets for a place in the top 2 of a Speedway race and this pays out at a generous 1/4 of the stated odds. However, Bet365 does not offer each way betting on Virtual Speedway. They do however offer Forecast betting on which riders will finish 1st and 2nd in the race, which Betway does not offer.

You can also bet on your chosen rider achieving a top 2 or a top 3 finish in the race with Betway, which is a slightly different bet to the Each Way bet and again, Bet365 Sport does not offer any of these options for its Virtual Speedway betting.

As you can see, although the sporting offering from both providers is very similar indeed (and they are both based on the same base software, just personalised for each of the sites), there are considerable differences in terms of the bets available and the relative value of these bets, especially over the longer term. While there are not many differences between the two sites in terms of motor car racing, there are considerably more differences when it comes to Virtual Speedway.

Who comes out on top for Virtual Motor Sports betting?

Any comparison between two similar offerings from two different sites will inevitably raise the question of which is the better option. First of all, I must say that the offering for both kinds of Virtual Motor Sports one each site and the casual punter, just wanting a bet on the winner of each race, will be well served by either site.

However, if you are looking for more in-depth betting on these events, then I believe that chiefly because of its greater value 1/4 the odds each way pay outs, when it comes to motor car racing, Bet365 Sports is the better option, not only because of that but also because you can wager on the Forecast/Tricast markets for some great value bets.

When it comes to Virtual Speedway however, I believe the reverse is true and I think that Betway is the better choice. This is because you can wager on more markets with Betway and while they lack a Forecast bet, you can bet Each Way on these races and that, in a four-rider race, is a great value option, especially when it pays out at 1/4 of the stated odds.

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