Women making history and men biting ears: Boxing at the Olympics

Written By Andrew Boggs on July 28, 2021

The boxing events at the Olympic have been a mixed bag this year. We have seen ups and downs with nearly every competitor. If you are interested in Olympics boxing betting, this has been an exciting event. We want to provide you with all of the most interesting pieces of boxing news from the Olympic.

Youness Baalla and his attempted bite

If you were any way interested in Tokyo 2021 Odds, you would certainly not have been expecting this Mike Tyson-esque attack on another boxer.

The Moroccan boxer Youness Baalla attempted to bite New Zealand’s David Nyika during a heavyweight bout. Luckily for the New Zealander, Baalla was not able to make contact and latch on to the ear. It was the third round of the fight and Baalla, who was behind in points, looked like he was getting desperate.

Unfortunately, the bite was only picked up by the cameras and not by the referee, who allowed the fight to continue. Speaking to Eurosport, Nikiya said: “Did you see that? I don’t think the ref saw it. She was the closest one. He didn’t get a full mouthful. Luckily, he had his mouthguard in, and I was a bit sweaty.”

The best man won out in the end. Nikiya ended up winning the fight 5-0.

Youness Balla and David Nyika
Youness Balla and David Nyika boxing match

Despite her loss, Ramla Ali Makes History at the Olympics

On Monday of this week Ramla Ali was eliminated from competition by Romania’s Maria Claudia Nechita. She won 30-27 on all five scorecards. This wasn’t a surprise to anyone following boxing odds, but that isn’t the reason she made history. Despite the loss and subsequent elimination from the event, Ramla Ali still made a major impact on the event.

Ramla was born in Somalia. Her family fled the country when she was a toddler to avoid the war and find a more peaceful life. She learned to box after her mother got her a junior gym membership. She new her mother would not approve of her boxing, but that did not stop her. “We don’t really talk about things in my family,” she says. “In African culture you don’t talk about anything. You don’t talk about what you do, you don’t talk about your mental health, you don’t talk about how your day has been. It’s weird.”

She wanted to be selected for the British team but when that did not happen, she decided she was competing for Somalia. That decision meant that she became the first boxer ever to represent Somalia on the Olympic stage.

Ramla Ali
Image credits: cnn.com

The success of Team GB

Unsurprisingly to anyone in the UK interested in Olympics boxing betting, Team GB have been having very successful run. Charley Davison, Ben Whittaker, and Luke McCormack all won their opening bouts.

This was Charley Davison’s debut on the Olympic stage. She returned to boxing in 2019 after an absence of seven years. She had a dominant victory against Rabab Cheddar of Morocco in the women’s flyweight. She controlled the first two rounds before maintaining her discipline in the third to seal a 5-0 victory.

Ben Whittaker was slightly less lucky; he squeaked his way to victory in a split decision in the men’s light-heavyweight against Colombia’s Jorge Luis Vivas.

Luke McCormack also progressed with a split decision, beating Manish Kaushik of India in the lightweight division.

Team GB Tokyo 2020
Image credits: bbc.com

Pro Boxers can’t take the heat

In an interesting turn of events for fans of Olympics boxing betting, professional boxers are getting knocked out of the Olympics early and often. IBF super featherweight champion Maïva Hamadouche of France lost her opening bout of the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday night. She lost in a split decision to 40-year-old former silver medalist Mira Potkonen of Finland.

Only a few hours earlier Karolina Koszewska, a former light middleweight international champion from Poland was beaten by Turkey’s Busenaz Sürmeneli in the women’s welterweight tournament.

These are two of the three most experienced professional boxers who qualified, and they have already been defeated. It seems like their professional experience can’t help them in the Olympic ring.

What’s next?

Wednesday, July 28th: Women’s Featherweight, Quarterfinals; Women’s Lightweight, Round of 32; Women’s Middleweight, Round of 16; Men’s Fly Flyweight, Round of 32

Thursday, July 29th: Women’s Flyweight, Round of 16; Men’s Featherweight, Round of 16; Men’s Middleweight, Round of 16

Friday. July 30th: Women’s Lightweight, Round of 16; Women’s Welterweight, Quarterfinals; Men’s Welterweight, Quarterfinals; Men’s Light Heavyweight, Quarterfinals; Men’s Heavyweight, Quarterfinals

Saturday, July 31st: Women’s Featherweight, Semifinal; Women’s Middleweight, Quarterfinals; Men’s Fly Flyweight, Round of 16; Men’s Lightweight, Round of 16

Sunday, August 1st: Women’s Flyweight, Quarterfinals; Men’s Featherweight, Quarterfinals; Men’s Welterweight, Semifinal; Men’s Middleweight, Quarterfinals; Men’s Light Heavyweight, Semifinal; Men’s Super-Heavyweight, Quarterfinals

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