Could we Have Other Virtual Betting Games Other Than Sports?

Written By Ian John on September 30, 2019

There is no doubt that companies like Inspired that are invested in creating Virtual betting games, have focused on sports because they offer an immediate bridging point between two different forms of gambling, both very popular with customers.

On the one hand, Virtual Sports betting is very much designed to replicate what it is like to bet on real life sporting events, although the options and outcomes of the Virtual Sports events are somewhat limited compared to real life sporting clashes.

But, on the other hand, Virtual Sports is also very much like betting on games such as slot games. The reason being that at the heart of Virtual Sports, in amongst all the programming to replicate the action of a real game, is a random number generator, which is key to how results are generated in the virtual sport. This is the same way that the results of a slot are decided when you decide to hit the spin button.

Knowing this, it is now obvious as to why companies wanted to make Virtual games about sports. It covers two massive betting markets, those who enjoy betting on sports and those who like slot games and other games that operate from the numbers generated at random by the RNG (although the outcome of this may be displayed differently depending on the games in question).

Now that we understand that the central point of a Virtual game is the random number generator, we are now going to pose the question of whether we can develop Virtual games that you can bet on, that have nothing to do with sport.

Non-Sporting Virtuals

Now, of course this isn’t a question about whether these things can be done. We know they can because almost every casino game you care to mention operates with at least some element of randomness built into them. That is true from slot games, through to card games to bingo games to video poker.

But could we ever see a day when we see a niche market when we have a choice of Virtual games that are perhaps unrelated to what we would recognise as a sport, or a casino game?

If so, what could this new line of Virtual games be?

Here’s just some of our ideas for games which we would think could advance the Virtuals betting markets still further and diversify Virtuals away from solely being about sports.

  1. Virtual Music Chart

Although the top 40 music charts are not as popular nowadays as they once were, there is undoubtedly still great interest in the music scene. This is exemplified not only by the number of artists that release new albums each year, but also the spin off industries that music spawns, including slots based on bands (such as the Jimi Hendrix or Motorhead slot games).

One possible Virtual game would be to utilise older releases and have them form a Virtual Top Ten (or for more betting opportunities, Top 40) where each week random numbers are used to generate sales for each song or album and as a result they will move up and down the chart.

Players would be able to bet on whether a record will move up or down the chart, or even whether a record will become number one over a set period of time. Players could also bet on whether a new release would enter the chart, or if they feel it will, how far up the chart will the new song land.

This could really appeal to players especially if genuine music and genuine artists were used on the Virtual Sport and you could use footage of old TV shows to play snippets of the top songs, providing of course the game developer acquired the rights to use the footage or soundtrack in the game.

  1. Virtual General Election

One of the many novelty bets you can make on top sports betting sites is to bet on whether a General Election will be called and when, and then when one is called, you can bet on the outcome of the event.

I have always thought that a General Election game would be excellent for betting. Players could bet on the bigger events, such as the outcome of the election, which party would win, how many seats they would win by, whether they had a majority or not and depending on how detailed the simulation was, it would also be possible to perhaps bet on the outcome of individual seats in the election.

Again, basing this in reality, or perhaps with parodies of real life politicians may make this somewhat appealing to players, especially those who like a bet on politics from time to time.

  1. Virtual Space Race

We may think of the original Space Race as being between the United States and Russia throughout the 1950s and 1960s, but in truth, the Space Race is still very much running, although the battle between the two superpowers now has totally diminished. Countries such as India and China are now working hard to try and become a space-faring country, while private companies such as Space X and Virgin Galactic are trying to become the first space tourism companies.

I thought a game that mirrored the space race between nations and or companies to be the first in orbit, then the first to the moon, or the first to land on the moon, or the first to send a probe to one of the planets and then maybe be the first to send a manned mission to Mars would be interesting. It would blend real life space races with a little flight of fancy element.

Players could bet on which country of business would be the first to achieve a certain aim and each could be handicapped to produce different results each time. I think by having different goals in different space races, there is the opportunity to diversify the game enough for it to be appealing in the longer term too.

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