Esports Technologies partner with Paddy Power’s Virtual Sports Stock Exchange

Written By Andrew Boggs on June 17, 2021
Esports Technologies partners with Paddy Power’s Virtual Sports Stock Exchange

Esports Technologies Inc, one of the biggest providers of advanced esports wagering products and technology has announced an interesting new move for the company. Just yesterday they entered into a letter of intent to form a strategic partnership with the American SportZ Exchange (ASX).

The partnership

The new partnership will see Esports Technologies provide its industry-focused data feed (pre-play and in-play) and expertise to support ASX in the creation of a more esports-focused product. Despite the very forward-thinking type of betting they offer, the American SportZ Exchange is still very much a traditional sports betting product. It is essentially a virtual sports activity but by partnering with an esports company they can expand their options.

Under this new partnership, Esports Technologies will provide real-time data and statistics to power the platform’s esports execution. This will help the new exchange by providing extra engagement opportunities for esports betting. This is hugely important for a new online betting option. If you aren’t focused on the esports side of the equation you will get left in the dust.

The American SportZ Exchange

The American SportZ Exchange launched earlier this year. It is the creation of Paddy Power the son of David Power who founded the sports betting brand of the same name. The aim of the new exchange is to give users the ability to buy and sell virtual shares in esports teams and individual players. They are even offering live “share prices” of teams and players, based on an AI-driven algorithm and live data feeds.

Esports Technologies partners with Paddy Power’s Virtual Sports Stock Exchange

Comments from the organisations

Bart Barden, Esports Technologies COO, spoke about their inclusion in the new ASX:

“We look forward to joining forces with ASX, which is emerging as a vibrant force in sports trading exchanges. Esports Technologies’ advanced data and platform solutions are being tapped by leaders throughout the industry to help drive esports product innovation. As a technology partner, our deep and granular real-time data intends to further enhance the excitement and appeal of the ASX platform. This is a perfect alignment of capabilities fans want.”

ASX president and co-founder Paddy Power also added:

“Esports Technologies’ proprietary data analytics are far and beyond superior to other options in the markets. Their offering adds a more specialized layer to the financial market technology we already rely on, providing our users with even better data to make informed trades. The Esports Technologies leadership team is a trailblazer in the rapidly emerging esports domain. It’s a thrilling time to see how we might collaborate to mutually-beneficial effect over the coming months and years.”

Esports Technologies and the future

Esports Technologies is a major name in the world of esports and esports betting sites. They provide esports products, platforms, and marketing solutions for some of the biggest names in the esports betting world. If you are interested in virtual sports betting, they are bound to have the product for you. This new partnership will be an interesting move for the company. It is definitely one to watch in the future.

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