FanDuel Launches Linear Cable Network Focused on Sports Betting

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on August 26, 2022

FanDuel has announced the launch of FanDuel TV and FanDuel+, a linear channel and an OTT platform. This makes FanDuel the first sports gambling firm to launch its own network built specifically for the purposes of broadcasting. On the two platforms, FanDuel will promote sports content backed by ‘sports media personalities’, and sports betting content. It’s set to be an ambitious and broad offering that will utilise an advanced infrastructure to reach as many viewers as possible.

Recently, FanDuel has been on a journey of expansion and growth, and it’s working hard on becoming a true multimedia organisation. The launch of FanDuel TV and FanDuel+ puts the organisation in an advantageous position, as while competitors have their own shows or podcasts, none of them are operating a 24-hour TV schedule. With this linear approach, FanDuel can deliver its content to millions of viewers at any given time.

FanDuel Is Set To Disrupt The Industry

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For several years, FanDuel has owned the TVG cable network, which is focused primarily on the broadcasting of horse-racing content. It’s with this asset and its associated resources that FanDuel will build out and operate FanDuel TV, and by association, FanDuel+. This point was positively addressed by Mike Raffensperger, the COO at FanDuel:

‘I am rebuilding TVG as FanDuel TV to be the first network built from the ground up that is designed to be watched with a phone in your hand. Every single frame on the screen will have something you can interact with.’

As a mission to disrupt what already exists, FanDuel is challenging the norm, seeking to create unique content that will re-ignite what is admittedly a dwindling market. There’s a conscious effort being made to deliver sports betting content through FanDuel TV and FanDuel+. In recent months, the United States betting markets have opened up at a rapid rate, as more states get on board with the concept of delivering sports betting practices across the nation.

Most recently, the likes of Kansas and Massachusetts have opened their doors to sports betting operators. As these markets open up, FanDuel seeks to take advantage of the growth, and in the states where it operates, the company reportedly boasts a 51% market share of gross gaming revenue.

When the FanDuel TV and FanDuel+ platforms launch, they’ll be backed by some of the most popular personalities in the business. These names will include Kay Adams, Pat McAfee, and Bill Simmons. For years, FanDuel has used its brand to attract some iconic ambassadors. Outside of traditional sports betting personalities, FanDuel has partnered with the likes of Dr DisRespect and TimTheTatman, using their reach to attract an energised, younger audience focused on esports.

The FanDuel TV and FanDuel+ platforms will launch in September 2022.

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