Is There A Successful Strategy I Can Adopt For Virtual Sports Betting?

Written By Ian John on September 3, 2019

In the early days of the Internet and when online gambling was just about to take off, there was a time when unscrupulous people would proliferate online, offering people the opportunity to purchase their “can’t lose betting system”.

These advertisements would usually see a man or woman celebrating another big bet coming in, being showed in thousands of pounds or dollars and was full of testemonials from ‘satisfied customers’ who would heartily recommend that you paid £50 or similar to gain the secrets to this guaranteed winning strategy.

Of course, these all proved in the end to be scams or strategies, such as the Martingale Strategy in roulette, which while having the potential to work, also has the potential to be hugely detrimental to the user (or expects the user to have access to a huge amount of money and then be willing to bet it).

In the modern times, there are far fewer of these scams around because of more stringent legislation, but that doesn’t stop people looking for a strategy that can prove to be a winner. Which brings us on nicely to the world of Virtual Sports betting and whether there exists a strategy that you can use to try and be a bit more successful when betting on Virtual Sports games.

What do we mean by betting strategy?

If you have come here looking for a strategy which will guarantee you a win every bet you make on Virtual Sports and which will guarantee you a profit, then you had better stop reading because no such strategy exists.

Furthermore, if you read of anyone promising you that for Virtual Sports, then they are lying and trying to con you.

The reason for that is every Virtual Sport game is based on a random number generator. It is this which decides what happens in every Virtual Sport, from whether the Virtual Football team scores a goal or not, to the outcome of a Virtual Greyhounds or Horse race.

As any mathematician will tell you, the very nature of randomness means it cannot be predicted with any great accuracy. Sure short-term trends may emerge (you may hit a run of six or seven odd number wins on a roulette game), but that doesn’t mean that in future this will happen again. It is the same with Virtual Sports games, you can run the same race with the same competitors at the same odds ten times and get ten completely different results each time.

So if you want a strategy to beat this random nature of sports events, then you are going to be disappointed.

However, if you want a strategy which will give you a better chance of landing a winning bet, then the good news here is that you can do that and it is not particularly difficult to do.

It is this that we are going to focus on when we talk about a betting strategy for Virtual Sports.

So what is that strategy? Well in essence, it is very simple.

How to bet more successfully and strategically in Virtual Sports

The best strategy to follow for more successful Virtual Sports bets is to be prudent in what type of bets you make on each Virtual Sports and in truth, you want to bet on the markets that have the fewest number of options, ideally two.

A good example of this is the Over/Under 2.5 Goals bet in football. In this bet, you are wagering on whether the Virtual Football game you are betting on will see Under 2.5 Goals (0, 1 or 2 goals scored) in the game, or whether it will see Over 2.5 Goals (three or more goals scored).

This bet only has two possible outcomes as teams cannot score half a goal. Therefore, you have a 50/50 chance of winning the bet. Those odds are the best you will ever find in any Virtual Sports bet.

Certain factors may influence the odds available on the game. If one team has been handicapped strongly compared to the other, then you may find the odds one one of the options lengthen and the other shorten.

The difficulty here is that if you want to place this bet on real life soccer, you can actually conduct research on your chosen game to see what a likely outcome is. If you research your teams and find that both tend not to score many goals, but don’t concede too many, then you may back the Under bet, similarly, if both teams score plenty of goals, but also concede, the Over 2.5 bet may be more appealing.

In Virtual Football, you cannot research this bet (or any bet) in this way (apart from in some of the more modern Virtual Sports games which does store data for teams and players). In many Virtual Sports, all you have to go on are the odds for each selection.

This notion of backing the selections with the fewest options is a strategy you can adopt for any Virtual Sport. The simple reason being you are more likely to pick a winning bet when you only have two possible outcomes of the bet, compared to a bet where you may have 10-12 possible outcomes (such as picking the winner of a horse race, or the correct score in a Virtual Football game).

Of course, the positive of this bet is that you are more likely to win more often when betting on a market that has two possible outcomes, to those that have more. The negative of it is that the odds you will receive will not be particularly big and at best, you are likely to double your money (although in all likelihood, you will win back less than double your initial bet).

Of course, for bets that have multiple possible outcomes, you can find much better odds on picking the winner, but of course, these bets are less likely to be a success.

A sensible overall strategy for Virtual Sports betting?

As such, the strategy I follow when making Virtual Sports bets is as follows:

  • Make smaller value bets than you would for sports you can research
  • I make around 75% of my Virtual Sports bets on markets with just 2 or 3 possible outcomes, such as Over/Under 2.5 Goals, Match Result.
  • I make around 25% of my Virtual Sports bets on markets with more outcomes but with considerably greater odds, such as race winner bets, correct score bets etc.

I must add here that this strategy is no guarantee of success, but what I have found is by sticking to markets with fewer possible outcomes, you stand a better chance of generating a return than by backing options in markets with many more. Over the longer term, that is a much better approach for your financial stability, even if the potential rewards are smaller.

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