Is There A Winning Strategy to Follow When Betting on Virtual Sports?

Written By Ian John on January 30, 2019
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A quick troll through the different sites available that offer advice to punters on betting and in particular Virtual Sports betting, can see the user read some conflicting comments. Some people will argue that you can always make a profit on betting using some spurious examples, while others will claim that they have a ‘system’ which means that they can guarantee a profit, even on Virtual Sports betting.

Is this true? Is there a winning strategy you can follow on Virtual Sports that will always give you positive results? Or are you more sceptical as surely if there was, then we’d have heard all about it by now?

Let’s debunk some of the common myths you can find online about how to bet more profitably on Virtual Sports.

  1. Arbitrage or Zero Risk betting

I’ve read several ‘help’ articles which describe how people use this particular form of betting to ensure that they guarantee a profit when betting on a sports event. In essence, this betting works like this.

You find a sports event where a draw is not possible and one team or participant or the other will win the game. You then need to find one bookmaker or betting exchange where you can back one team to win at odds of better than even money and then find another site or exchange where you can back the other team to win at odds of better than even money.

If you can find this, then you can back both of these results with the different bookmakers and regardless of which team or individual wins, you’d make a profit, as your losing bet would be covered by the profit you make, plus getting your initial stake money back, from your winning bet.

It all sounds rather simple and tempting, but in reality it is almost an impossible bet to find, because:

  • It is extremely rare to find two teams or individuals with two different bookmakers which sees both have odds of even money or better. Bookies are not stupid and even though they will boost odds to try and attract more bets, they are not going to make it so that punters can guarantee themselves a profit.
  • The bet only works when two teams or individuals play and there can only be two outcomes, a win for player A or a win for player B. If more than three individuals or teams are in the event, or a third outcome is a possibility (such as a draw), then you would lose both bets should you not back the draw as well. In this case, if you backed all three outcomes then you would need each selection to be odds of better than 2/1 in order to land a profit and that is just not feasible.

These factors are even more the case in Virtual Sports betting where the software is designed to precisely avoid situations like this, so that the bookmaking site offering Virtual Sport can be sure in the knowledge that they are not going to run the Virtual Sport in question at a loss.

Besides, Virtual Sports are set up so that the majority have more than one competitor in each event, which renders this type of betting useless anyway.

There is a way you can use arbitrage betting, which uses betting sites offers and boosted odds, to ensure that you can make a small profit on certain events, but these can be time consuming and often the profit made from one bet is so small, it is not worthwhile doing. Furthermore, if a bookmaking site suspects you are betting this way, then they can suspend your account immediately.

In terms of Virtual Sports though, arbitrage or zero risk betting is an absolute non-starter as the software is designed precisely to avoid the situations where the bets can be used, from happening.

  1. A winning system

One of the most annoying things you will find when researching ways to strategize to win on Virtual Sports betting is a self-confessed expert who will announce something like this:

“People will tell you that you can’t win on Virtual Sports, you can and I win all the time and make $100s a day in profit by doing so…”

This statement is then usually followed by a succession of spreadsheets which shows the author winning many, many times on Virtual Sports, racking up a huge profit and seemingly never picking a losing selection.

Then you try to find out a bit more about this strategy. The author then may bamboozle you with big words to make their strategy sound very complicated, based on scientific fact and guaranteed to be a winner.

What is notable here though is usually, you then have to pay for this strategy in the form of a book, or a subscription to a website, or similar, in order to access it.

You’d think if a strategy was guaranteed to win, the author would let you use it free for 14 days and then charge you, so you can pay for the book or subscription from your winnings, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, what you have in these examples of a ‘winning system’ for betting on Virtual Sports (or indeed almost any form of online spotrs betting) is simply a watered down version of an old betting system that doesn’t really work (such as the Martingale system) and which will certainly not guarantee you profits in any way shape or form.

The reason for that is because these systems work on the basis that results of Virtual Sports are predictable and work to a definable system. However, Virtual Sports are based entirely on random chance. Sure the handicap of each selection in a race or event shows you who is more likely to win, but the randomness of the sport means that any of the selections competing could win.

Furthermore, there is no pattern to randomly ascertained wins. There may appear to be a pattern, especially in small sections of data, but when you extrapolate that out over a longer period of time, then these patterns disappear.

The only thing Virtual Sports betting strategies that promise profits are good for, are for duping people into paying the author for information that is at best incorrect and at worst, could potentially see you lose a lot of money.

I’ve always said, if there is a winning system for playing virtual sports, then the author should let you try it for free until you make a profit to pay for the subscription or guide book. Strangely enough, nobody seems willing to take that chance.

Seeing as Virtual Sports are essentially as random as an online slot, there is no strategy you can follow to guarantee you a win. You can choose to bet in certain ways and on certain markets and events to improve your chances of success (picking a winner in a 4-rider Speedway race is easier than in an 11-horse race, for example), but don’t be fooled into thinking there is a quick and easy way to earn big money from Virtual Sports.

Because if you are one of those that does, then it is down only to luck that you landed that healthy win.

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