LEON.BET Signs Deal to Become 9INE’s Esports Betting Partner

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on May 29, 2024
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Recently, LEON.BET announced a partnership with 9INE, a prestigious esports organisation based in Europe. At the heart of this partnership is a desire to finesse LEON.BET’s esports betting offering, leveraging the expert knowledge of an organisation in the space to do so. According to a press release, LEON.BET wants to foster a ‘more immersive experience’, enticing new esports betting customers to the platform amid the growth of the industry.

LEON.BET has long been a popular betting site with plenty to offer. It’s not the first time that the platform has made a foray into the esports market, but this partnership is a landmark thing. With 9INE at LEON.BET’s side, the site’s esports betting sector should become more enhanced than ever before.

Cooperative Effort

In a statement, the CGO at LEON.BET said:

‘We are extremely happy to start our cooperation with 9INE. Recent changes to their roster show huge potential, and we at LEON.BET want to be part of that journey. Together with 9INE, we will create a fantastic space for esports enthusiasts. Supporting young talents is at the core of LEON.BET’s development strategy, and we see a great future and prospects in this path.’

LEON.BET has been trading since 2008, while 9INE has been a key player in the esports industry since 2015. The organisation is focused mostly on Counter-Strike, and over the years, the team has found considerable success in the space. While LEON.BET supports a vast array of esports titles, such as Rainbow Six, League of Legends, and VALORANT, this marks the first time that the brand has partnered directly with an esports organisation.

Over time, the esports betting industry continues to grow at a respectable rate. There are plenty of top-tier esports betting sites in the space, but the link between organisations and these betting platforms is yet to be perfected. LEON.BET is the latest in a long line of betting sites to form a partnership like this; it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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