Oddin and NSoft Form Esports Betting Partnership

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on February 17, 2023
oddin gg partnership

Oddin.gg, one of the leading esports betting odds providers, has partnered with NSoft, a betting platform and solutions provider. This lucrative deal will bring an in-depth esports betting ecosystem to NSoft’s clients, bolstering an already impressive offering. Recently, Oddin.gg has been on a path of rapid expansion, and this is the latest in a long line of deals designed to broaden the firm’s footprint in the esports betting industry.

NSoft has recognised the popularity – and growing value – of esports betting markets, and has aligned itself with Oddin.gg to deliver some of that value to its client base. For years, NSoft has been a leading provider of betting platforms, which includes elements like virtual betting and games, casino games, and a dedicated sportsbook. Now, that range of services will be expanded to include esports betting options.

Esports Betting Expands

As the world becomes increasingly accepting of the esports industry, the esports betting vertical expands in kind. It has gone from being a stigmatised, under-appreciated concept to an industry leader, and now, the esports betting industry is worth billions of dollars. It’s a virtually-driven industry, with competitors taking to grand stages to play video games for multi-million-dollar prize pools, and it’s an industry that boasts hundreds of millions of fans from around the world.

It comes as no surprise to learn that NSoft wants to get involved with that industry. That’s something that was mirrored by NSoft’s CEO, Dario Jurcic, in a statement:

‘As an esports enthusiast, I am well aware of the importance of the esports ecosystem for our industry. We were looking for the best esports providers for our client portfolio – the right answer to identified players’ preferences and our client’s wishes. All this led us to the partnership with Oddin.gg.’

The eagerness surrounding the deal was mirrored by Marek Suchar, MD and Co-Founder at Oddin.gg:

‘By teaming up with NSoft, a well-known platform and content supplier, we can reach new heights of success and expand our services to a wider audience in many markets.’

It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that will pay off in dividends for both parties, especially as esports shows no sign of slowing down. As time goes on, esports betting is becoming more popular than betting on some traditional sports, and with betting markets opening up across the United States at a rapid rate, there’s no shortage of markets to break into.

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