Rivalry Partners With Brazilian CSGO Content Creation Squad

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on May 12, 2023
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Rivalry, one of the most recognisable brands in sports betting and media, has signed a partnership with a Brazilian Counter-Strike content creation team. This partnership, which sees Rivalry align with ‘Tribo’, is a hybridised partnership poised to bring esports and betting activations to fans around the world, starting with Brazil. This is a monumental addition to Rivalry’s already sizeable creator network, as collectively, Tribo boasts a following of almost three million users.

The deal is expected to boost Rivalry’s betting profile for CSGO fans – regardless of how visible that profile was in the first place. It’ll also introduce Tribo to a new audience, with the millions of users that back the Rivalry platform tuning in to the content created by these five individuals – ‘Apoka’, ‘Liminha’, ‘BT’, ‘VelhoVamp’, and ‘mch’.

Brazil Loves Esports

brazil esports

Brazil is one of the most vibrant and dynamic regions when it comes to the esports industry, and that extends to esports betting. It’s often confused with virtual sports betting, because esports betting is centred around placing wagers on those competing in ‘digital sports’ – video games, to anyone else. Similarly, virtual sports betting focuses on digital games, but they’re traditionally simulated and they don’t feature any input from real-world competitors.

There’s no doubt that Brazil is fast becoming one of the most populous regions for esports fans in general. There are some top-tier teams that have emerged from the region, and as Tribo’s numbers show, there are plenty of fans out there tuning in to content creators focused on the esports industry.

These five creators that have partnered with Rivalry are all Counter-Strike experts, which means they play CSGO, and they’ll soon play CS2.

In a statement, Rivalry’s leader in Brazil, Luis Goncalves, said:

Rivalry continues to develop communities passionate about eSports, enhancing the entertainment experience of being a fan. The partnership with this group of great influencers will be another step towards creating a connection between our brand and the Counter-Strike fandom in Brazil.’

The partnership was also praised by Alessandro ‘Apoka’ Marucci, one of the five streamers signed by Rivalry:

Rivalry was the ideal partner for us to sign. They have a deep understanding of the eSports audience and a partnership program that allows us to interact with our audience at richer levels and continue to build our personal brands as creators. Rivalry operates in the best interest of the fans, and that means educating our audience about the importance of responsible gambling also through this partnership.’

Going forward, the partnership will bring live experiences and an assortment of content based on betting on CSGO tournaments. There will be social media activations, giveaways, and engagement campaigns designed to bring more bettors into the fold with the increasingly valuable Rivalry platform.

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