Super Bowl Betting: Record-Breaking Performance Expected

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on February 10, 2023
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On February 12th, Super Bowl LVII will take place in Glendale, Arizona. It’s the ultimate showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, and it’s one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Recently, it was revealed that, in keeping with the growth of the industry in the US, Super Bowl betting is expected to skyrocket during the weekend ahead, shattering all established records.

In recent years, sports betting has seen a monumental rise across the United States, with many more regions opening up their doors to the concept as time goes on. It’s still a tricky development, as the rolling out of sports betting markets in the United States is heavily regulated, restricted, and governed by strict, overarching bodies. That’s a good thing, of course, but the bureaucratic tape surrounding the expansion of the industry has presented untimely delays in the past.

Super Bowl Betting Will Break Records

super bowl

In a survey conducted by the AGA – the American Gaming Association – it was revealed that more than 50 million American residents will place a bet on the Super Bowl this year. That marks a massive 61% increase year-on-year, and according to research, more than $16 billion is set to be wagered. Last year, record-high performance was recorded across the nation, with some states bringing in billion-dollar revenues from the fledgling sports betting markets, but that’s only improving with time.

Between last year’s Super Bowl and this year’s, four key states have opened up their doors to sports betting practices: Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Kansas.

However, with the rise of betting – and in particular, online betting – regulators and government agencies have been quick to safeguard residents. There’s a key focus on delivering a responsible, general practice across the nation, which is a concept that was mirrored in a statement published by the AGA:

‘As interest in legal sports betting continues to expand, the gaming industry remains committed to responsibly delivering world-class entertainment, educating consumers about how to bet responsibly, and combating illegal gambling as we work to build a safe, competitive and sustainable legal market for all.’

Ahead of the Super Bowl, the Better Business Bureau has warned bettors away from anything that looks untrustworthy. It’s a sad fact, but as sports betting becomes popularised across the United States, more scams are surfacing, targeting what is, for the most part, a mass, inexperienced betting community. It’s recommended to check out the Better Business Bureau’s guides on how to avoid scams when betting online.

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