Ten Top Tips to Ensure You Enjoy Virtual Sports Betting to the Fullest

Written By Ian John on December 5, 2018

Virtual Sports is a fun way to spend some time betting on a site. Unlike traditional sports betting, the outcome of a Virtual Sports event is known usually within a minute or so, which makes it ideal for quick-fire betting, rather like a slot machine.

However, just like any other form of gambling activity, if you don’t follow some simple guidelines when betting on Virtual Sport then you can encounter some problems, or perhaps not as enjoy it quite as much as you otherwise would. Nobody wants a customer to have a negative experience playing a Virtual Sports game, so to help you, we’ve given you a simple 10-point guide to ensure that you always get the most from any session playing Virtual Sports.

Indeed, many of these hints and tips can be applied not just to Virtual Sports betting, but any form of gambling, so feel free to use them as guidelines for any form of betting you wish to indulge in.

Ten Top Virtual Sports betting Tips

  1. Always ensure you are playing with money you can afford to lose.

The first rule of Virtual Sports betting, or indeed any form of betting anywhere online, or on the high street, is that you should only ever bet on Virtual Sports with money you can afford to lose. That means disposable income and you should never bet with cash that you need for other aspects of your life, such as bills, rent, food etc.

Furthermore, you should review how much you have available to spend periodically to ensure that your betting is not affecting your key finances detrimentally. Just because one month you had £50 to spend on betting, does not mean that the next you will have the same, especially if your work conditions or things at home have changed (such as having an unexpected bill to pay that eats into your available cash).

This is the fundamental rule for any form of betting and it applies as much to Virtual Sports bets as it does any other form of gambling, online or off it.

  1. Budget sensibly for your session playing Virtual Sports

An important and sensible approach to take when playing Virtual Sports is to budget for each session you plan to have for the month, based on your monthly betting budget. For example, if you have a £50 budget and bet 3-4 times a month, you do not want to blow the entire budget in one Virtual Sports session. It would therefore be better to set a budget of £10 for a session and then bet with smaller amounts.

Of course, how much you spend in a session depends on your budget and how often you bet. If you bet just once per month and have a £100 budget, then you may wish to use that in a single session (though personally, I’d advise against it). If you bet most days, then you would need out what is a sensible proportion of your budget to spend.

Don’t take ‘projected winnings’ into account. Only budget on the cold, hard cash that is actually in your betting account.

  1. Have a watch or clock in clear view when you play Virtual Sports

The rapid fire nature of Virtual Sports does mean that time can slip by very quickly and you can be happily playing Virtual Sports and then look up and realise that the time has now passed for that dentist appointment, or to get to the shops before they closed.

As part of the budgeting of your session, setting a time limit on your play is a good idea. You can still get through a large amounts of bets in Virtual Sports in a short amount of time, especially if you bet across multiple Virtual Sports, so having a watch or clock handy, even better if it has a timer function and can alert you to when your time has finished.

  1. Vary your bets across Virtual Sports and the markets available in each.

Although we use the term Virtual Sports to include all forms of Virtual Sports betting available, there are different types of Virtual Sports you can play and in truth, if you focus on just the one type of Virtual Sport, then you are going to become bored of this particular form of betting more quickly, than if you mix things up.

So sure, if you are a football fan, then Virtual Football is a great place to start, but don’t neglect the other forms of Virtual Sports, such as horseracing, speedway, motor racing and cycling to name but four, all of which offer different bets and markets and which make the experience more enjoyable.

  1. When you reach your time limit or spend your allocated budget, stop.

If you have set yourself a budget or a time limit for your Virtual Sports session, then it is crucial that when you have spent up, or your time has come to an end, that you stop your betting and take stock of the situation.

Don’t ever be tempted to look back on a session and feel like you need to chase your losses, or if you have had a successful session, to play on as the ‘luck will be with you’. There are many gamblers who have tried that and found out that in time, the house will always win.

The key to good gambling habits ends with knowing when to stop, so if you have set yourself some limits on time and budget, always stick to them.

  1. If you feel yourself becoming frustrated, angry or agitated, stop.

If you are in the middle of a session and things have not been going well, maybe you can’t back a winner no matter what you pick or what sport you play, and you feel yourself starting to get angry, anxious and frustrated, then these are the key triggers that should tell you to stop betting immediately and end your session.

A frustrated, tired and angry punter is not one that is likely to make the most rational decisions and as such, you need to avoid feeling this way when betting. If you do, then they are the signals that you should stop and perhaps come back to the game in another session when you are feeling more positive, relaxed and in the right frame of mind to enjoy betting once again.

  1. If you win big, withdraw your winnings and enjoy them

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they land a decent win on any form of gambling, including Virtual Sports, is to leave the funds in their account and then over time, they gamble them away back to the casino.

If you win a decent amount of money, then enjoy the benefits of that. Sure leave a little of it in your account if you so wish, but withdraw the rest and treat yourself, your partner or your family and friends to something nice. That way, you see the positives outcomes that your winning bets produce in a tangible way, rather than simply holding it in your account and over time, handing it back bit by bit to the casino.

  1. Remember all Virtual Sports are not the same.

As all Virtual Sports are based around a random number generator, it is tempting to think that although they may be based on specific sports, all Virtual Sports are really the same. That is indubitably not the case. For example, in Virtual Speedway, there are only ever four riders. That means if you were to simply back Rider 1 in every race, then the chances are you would win more often than if you backed Rider 1 in Virtual Cycling which can have double the number of competitors.

Do look at how each Virtual Sport is structured and in doing so, you can pick the type of Virtual Sport that offers you the type of bets that you are going to enjoy the most.

  1. Remember, no research is required as Virtual Sports is random

Remember too, as there is a massive random element in all Virtual Sports games, with the handicapping system the only way to generate the odds for the competitors, there is no point trying to research which is the most likely winning option. Your odds are the only guide to that in Virtual Sports.

Also, steer well clear of anybody offering a ‘foolproof system’ for winning on Virtual Sports. These are a total waste of time and money and do not work.

  1. Ensure you have realistic aims when you start playing Virtual Sports

Lastly, one of the most sensible approaches to Virtual Sports is to think about what your aims are for your session. Are you in it for enjoyment purposes alone and to perhaps win a bit of cash if you get lucky (which is a perfect way to approach Virtual Sports betting), or do you view this as a way to make money? (which is not the way to approach Virtual Sports betting).

If you see Virtual Sports as a quick way to riches, fame and fortune, then you are going to have to be either incredibly lucky or have enough money to spend on Virtual Sports to the point where people would question why you are even playing.

Virtual Sports should always be a fun, enjoyable activity which you can enjoy a bet on and which you can control and perhaps, win from time to time. With that attitude, you can safely enjoy Virtual Sports for many years to come.

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