A Tongue In Cheek Look For Christmas At How Virtual Sports Could Be Made Better

Written By Ian John on December 20, 2017

Over the course of the year, we have taken a look at many serious aspects of Virtual Sports. How they work, who will play them and why, what games are available, how they can be improved in the future and even looked ahead to some of the new and exciting developments that lie in wait for this fledgling but fast-growing form of betting.

But seeing as we are heading towards Christmas, I thought I’d take you on our own Virtual Sports Christmas Flights of Fancy this week and think up some fantastic additions to existing Virtual Sports games that could well improve the excitement factor in the game and add a little realism. All with the tongue firmly in cheek of course.

In addition to that, we will also look at some Christmas-themed Virtual Games that could prove to be a hit too. After all, in the Virtual world, anything is possible as if you can imagine it, then there will be some bright spark somewhere who can turn that glimmer of an idea into a reality! Your own Virtual Sports Christmas miracle if you will.

So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the changes I’d make to ensure Virtual Sports we play today are even more lifelike or fun to play.

Virtual Greyhounds – Why not Virtual Dogs?

Everyone knows that greyhounds are the fastest of all the dogs, but that doesn’t mean that other breeds should be discriminated against. So, if we can race greyhounds in real life, why in the Virtual World can’t we race many different breeds of dogs? And even add some realistic dog behaviours into the game?

Imagine the fun betting on a race between a Rottweiler, a Bulldog, a German Shepherd, A Dachsund, a Yorkshire Terrier and an Irish Wolfhound. Who would win? Would the Yorkshire Terrier be eaten by one of the bigger dogs? What are the odds on one dog trying to sniff another in the most unseemly of ways? Who is the worst trained of the dogs so that when the traps open, the dog just stays there and stares blankly out at the track?

You could take this further and open it to all forms of animal. Finally see who exactly would win between the tortoise and the hare. I know where my money would be going there.

I think this is a winner personally and I’d love to see it on offer on sports betting sites around the world.

Virtual Cycling – Added Realism for the most realistic of Virtual Sports

I have often stated that of all Virtual Sports available, I think in terms of graphics and presentation, Virtual Cycling wins the award for being most like the real thing. Even from the motorcycle pulling off the track until the moment the cyclist wins, there are times that you have to pinch yourself and remember that this isn’t a real race that you are watching.

However, why not make it even more realistic by introducing the Russian Roulette element of random drug testing! Each race one or more of the competitors will be randomly decided to be a drugs cheat and get their performance enhanced as a result. If they win, great but a random drugs test on two of the racers could catch them out and you could lose all your winnings. If they drug testers don’t call the winner and pick two other competitors, you win and claim double your winnings! How much fun would that be?

You could then introduce a sub-level of your game if your cyclist is caught where you get to bet on which lame excuse for cheating could plausibly explain their drugs test. If the authorities buy your excuse, then you win your money back. If not, then you lose it forever.  While realistic, I am not too sure the cycling authorities would be too keen on this addition being brutally honest.

Virtual Football – Plenty of great ways to inject realism into the game

Virtual Football has so many potential ways to improve realism that I am simply going to list them as bullet points as I think all have merit and would improve the game (as well as injecting a bit of humour into proceedings).

  • Fergie Time – Every time Manchester Reds play a Virtual Soccer game at home and are losing, Fergie Time will be invoked which means that the game will continue until at least Manchester Reds equalise, or score a winner. All bets on a Manchester Reds loss in this game would be returned.
  • Diving Competition – Why not include a highlight where a punter could change the result of a game by getting one of the Virtual Players to dive to claim a penalty? If their player dives successfully, then the team wins a penalty, if not then the player is booked and sent off and the teams chances of winning drop further.
  • Guess the Excuse – The team couldn’t see the shirts as it was the same colour as the crowd, the referee was against us, the other team were lucky with the four goals they scored… After a game of Virtual Football, why not have a free guess the excuse game that players can bet on. Guess the excuse the manager comes up with and they win their stake back.
  • Referee Armageddon – Why not have some games refereed by someone with absolutely no understanding of the game, or its laws and who makes arbitrary decisions seemingly at random? This could lead to some massive odds returns on some games where the much fancied team loses 3-0 to weaker opponents because the referee is a joke.
  • Pep Factor – Why not build in that any match with Manchester Blues in against another English team will result in a Manchester Blues win and players can only bet on what the scale of the win will be. If the result is not a win, by some miracle of fortune, then players will receive all their stake money back on that game.

Christmas Virtual Games

I’m loathe to call these ideas Virtual Sports as they are more games, but they are on a Christmas theme and I think that companies could well develop them and allow punters to have a little fun with them around the Christmas period. Again, there’s lots of ideas here, so I am just going to list them in bullet point format:

  • Who Got The Socks? – Six People are sat around a room and you have to bet on which one of them will open the Pair of Socks as a Christmas present. Odds on Dads and Grandfathers receiving this as a present are generally very short, while those on children are generally longer.
  • Who doesn’t like Turkey that much? – Another variation on the theme above where you have six or more people enjoying Xmas Dinner and one of them at the end will state that they enjoyed that despite not liking Turkey very much, causing the person who has spent a lot of money, time and effort preparing the meal want to beat them over the head with a Turkey leg.
  • The A&E Dash – Which of the six players enjoying Christmas pud will be the one to be rushed up to A&E after they accidentally swallow the sixpence?

I hope you enjoyed this little flight of fancy for Virtual Sports this Christmas and I hope you enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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