Top Tips to Help You Bet More Profitably When Playing Virtual Sports

Written By Ian John on October 25, 2017

When someone is placing bets then their main aim is to make a profit. Whether their bet is successful determines that and of course, if you are placing lots of bets, then you will need to expect a mix of successful bets and failures, however if after both are considered you still make a profit, however small, then that betting session can be deemed a success.

The same is true in the new world of Virtual Sports betting but unlike real-life sports, you cannot use data and your own observations on an individual, team or sporting event to help inform your betting. In the Virtual world, these teams and competitors only exist as data, with no extra relevance beyond that. That can make turning a profit on these events more difficult, especially if you are coming to them from a sports betting background.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of tips that if you follow, can help you turn a session at the Virtual Sports console into a profitable one more often than if you simply bet on these events as you would ordinary sports.

Let’s begin by taking a look at our first tip which explores a fundamental difference between Virtual Sports and Sports Betting that is absolutely crucial to enjoying longer term profit when betting on these events.

  1. Remember Virtual Sports Are More Like Slots Than Sports

This is an absolute fundamental for any punter seeking to enjoy Virtual Sports gambling. Although the term ‘sports’ may lead you to believe you are betting on some kind of sporting event, the actual process of working out the winner of any Virtual Sports event is not the same as real life sports. Instead, it is based on weighted options (a handicap system for the competitors if you will) and also a random number generator.

In this respect, this means that Virtual Sports betting is far more like slots gaming than it is actual sports betting and once you understand this, then you can adjust your betting on Virtual Sports to mirror how you would be on slots, rather than how you would bet on a sporting market.

For example, if you had £50 to bet with and you wanted to back Liverpool to beat Huddersfield on Saturday, you could place £50 on Liverpool to win. However, if you wanted to post a profit on a slot game, you would not place a wager of £50 and then have a single spin on the slot. A more sensible strategy is to split up your £50 and make lots of smaller wagers (say 100 x £0.50p wagers).

  1. Bet Small and Often

As we have outlined above, the key to more profitability in Virtual Sports is to bet smaller amounts and more often than you would in standard sports. There are a number of reasons for this. The first being that since Virtual Sports are played to a conclusion far more quickly than real life sports, you get the results of your bets much more quickly so you can bet more often as a result.

Secondly, betting smaller amounts spreads the risk of your bets across a wider number of bets and this increases your chances of landing at least some wins. If those wins are of a long enough odds, then you can counter your losses and still make a small profit. This is a similar approach to how you would try and ensure a win when playing a slot game and it can work well on Virtual Sports, especially those without quite so many options to bet on.

  1. To win smaller amount more frequently bet on specific Virtual Sports markets.

Of course, you want to play Virtual Sports and you want it to be fun and whether it is fun for you will depend on the type of betting you tend to enjoy. If you prefer to play slot games that offer you regular small wins with the occasional bigger value win thrown in on occasion, then you should target specific Virtual Sports betting markets.

Specifically, you should target games or bets with the fewest options, such as Speedway (which has a total of four riders in each race) or Greyhounds (which has six). You can also bet on certain markets in Virtual Football, such as the Match Result market as that also only has three options. By reducing the options you statistically increase your chances of success with a bet,

  1. To win larger amounts less frequently, pick different Virtual Sports markets.

If you prefer to bet with a higher risk and prefer to bet smaller amounts on longer odds options to try and ensure a better return when you do win, then you need to alter your focus away from markets with just a few options and select markets and sports events that have more.

That would mean betting on Virtual Sports such as Motor Car racing, which has 12 competitors in every race and Horseracing, which has between 7 and 13 runners in races. Cycling too can have 7 or more competitors. In Virtual Football, you want to select a market that has more options, such as the Correct Score market which can often offer good value betting on certain score lines.

  1. Try different sports to see which suits your style of wagering

The great thing about Virtual Sports is that, rather like slot games, there is a good choice between games to find the one that best suits your type of betting. By working your way through the different options methodically and keeping a record of how you perform on each, you can work out which type of Virtual Sport offers you the best experience for the type of betting that you enjoy the most, to maximise your chances of profitability, as well as increasing your enjoyment of betting on the sports too.

  1. Set a time limit or amount limit on your betting on Virtual Sports

It is always prudent to set some kind of limit on your Virtual Sports betting as you would any form of betting. That limit could be a time limit (say 1 hour) if you are not too worried about how much money you spend, or if keeping track of your betting is important to you, you could set yourself a betting limit of a specific amount of money and when you reach that amount, stop wagering.

Knowing when to quit is key to successful gambling in any format and so setting a limit on your betting in this way is a good way to ensure you gamble responsibly and at a level you can easily afford.

  1. Budget for your session and do not reinvest any winnings

A sensible method to play Virtual Sports is to use a percentage of your total bankroll as a budget for your session, spend that and only that and do not reinvest any winnings in your session. That way, any money you win goes back into your balance to offset the spend you have made in playing on Virtual Sports.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to win more than you bet, then you’ll be putting back into your account more than you took out and making a profit, which is always a nice feeling, regardless of what form of betting you have been

  1. Remember there is no strategy element to Virtual Sports betting

As a sports punter, you may well be familiar with studying the form of competitors to help inform your betting. In Virtual Sports, there is no such thing as form, even the race results you see for competitors are just randomly generated.

Indeed, anybody that says there is a strategy for betting on Virtual Sports with an absolute degree of certainty is wrong. Virtual Sports contain so much randomness in how they are worked out that no strategy can help you win all the time.

However, by following the guidance above we hope that you will at least increase your win percentage of the type of Virtual Sports bets that you do like to make.

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