Virtual Esports Betting? Unikrn launches the first in-play virtual esports betting service

Written By Andrew Boggs on May 5, 2021 - Last Updated on February 23, 2024
unikrn virtual esports service

The esports focused betting operator, Unikrn has announced another one of their innovative virtual betting products. For the first time at Unikrn you can try out some live, in-play betting on a virtual esport.

The new virtual esports

They have partnered with NBA Jam to bring their customers a new Virtual Live platform. This looks like an evolution of the standard that has been set for most virtual sports betting sites. Not only are they offering odds on a new virtual esport, but they are also expanding the virtual bets that they offer.

This means that bettors will have the chance to place a wide variety of bets as the game progresses. Users can bet on individual quarters, halves, or full results in any combination. Make sure you place your bet fast; virtual sports take place on a much speedier time frame than a traditional game.

This new virtual esport offers a unique betting experience that I believe will attract a lot more folks outside of their already existing esports fanbase. Where else could you bet on modern Laker’s LeBron James and Anthony Davis in a 2v2 against beloved Laker’s legends Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. This partnership with NBA Jam allows the betting operator to use their likenesses and their stats to provide an interesting and accurate virtual recreation of their games.

unikrn virtual esports service

A world first?

According to Unikrn, this is the first-ever virtual experience to be played by humans, offered 24/7, and have fully functional in-play betting. I suppose if you add that many qualifiers to your claim it could be the world’s first at something. Despite their long-winded claims, this is a genuinely innovative betting option for the site. It also looks like they aren’t stopping quite yet.

In their release, they write:

“This is just the latest in a series of evolutions coming to all Unikrn Virtual titles thanks to a stack of new proprietary technology that will benefit players even when live odds aren’t available by reducing load times and creating a more immersive streaming experience.”

Unikrn and innovation

It’s clear that Unikrn is focused on becoming the most innovative and interesting betting site on the market. They have had some interesting novelty bets in the past few months that have drawn in interested punters. They offered a wide range of novelty bets on the recently released Mortal Kombat movie that range from the Rotten Tomatoes score all the way to how many times the phrase Mortal Kombat is spoken in the film.

Unikrn was also allowing their users to place bets on the over/under of GameStop’s stock price by the end of February 2021. They were offering a 1.8 payout on whether the stock will end up over or under $225 by the end of February. They also offered odds on other “meme stocks” like AMC and still currently offer running odds on cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In fact, they still have a long play bet that allows their customers to bet on the outright price of Bitcoin by the end of 2021.

Unikrn has a good history of offering unique bets and innovative betting options. This new virtual esport is bound to attract new bettors. I know I would be interested in seeing how some of my favourite players would stack up against one another.

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