What Are the Longer Odds Bets You Can Make in Virtual Sports?

Written By Ian John on October 15, 2019

If you enjoy Virtual Sports then you will know that part of the enjoyment is the ability to make lots of smaller-sized bets on one or more events, and for the results of those bets to be known very quickly, often within the space of a couple of minutes.

However, it is certainly true that the majority of markets available on Virtual Sports betting tend to be those that offer lower odds bets. Many markets, such as those that only have two potential options, such as the Over/Under goal market in Virtual Football for example, will often have two betting options that are around, or just under, the even money mark.

Now while this is ideal for those types of punters that like to place these particular low odds bets, perhaps with higher initial stakes, it isn’t particularly useful for punters that enjoy placing low stakes bets, but at much higher odds.

As a result, Virtual Sports has come to be known as an option that isn’t particularly great for fans of longer odds bets, but in actual fact that is not the case and in this article, we will highlight some of the longer odds bets you can make on Virtual Sports.

For this article, we used the Virtual Sports and bets available at Betway and we have looked across the sites full range of Virtual Sports offerings.

Longer Odds Bets in Virtual Sports at Betway

  • Virtual Football

A good place to start for longer odds betting options is the Half Time/Full Time market in Virtual Football. The options in this market are generally all above even money and you can get certain selections, for example, where one team is winning at half time, but then their opponents win the game at full time, which are very long odds (often 50/1 or even 100/1).

The Correct Score bet is a popular and common bet that often has longer odds, especially for scorelines that involve a lot of goals being scored.

Another good longer odds bet on Virtual Football is the 1st Half Correct Score bet, which has a good mix of lower, mid-range and longer odds selections. The same can be said for Winning Margin bets which often have selections which are rated at least 10/1 if not considerably higher.

You can also find some longer odds options in the Home Team Total Goals and Away Team Total Goals bets, with some of the higher values (four goals in particular) offering some very high odds available for punters.

  • Virtual Horse Racing/Motor Racing/Greyhounds/Cycling/Speedway

I have lumped all these Virtual Sports together into a single section because the type of longer odds bets you can get on these Virtual games are all pretty similar and it would be pointless repeating the same five types of bet for each of the different race-based Virtual Sports offerings.

In all of the above, in certain races you will find that there are runners or riders that have much longer odds than others. Now the differences between the odds depends to some extent on the Virtual Sport you are playing. In Speedway for example, with just four riders competing, the difference in odds between the favourite and the outsider is much smaller than in horse racing or motor racing, simply due to the fact that in these other sports, there are considerably more horses or riders competing in the event.

So in short, a good rule of thumb is if you want to place longer odds bets, then you are better off picking the Virtual Sports that offer events with a greater number of competitors (and for that, horse racing and motor racing are the best choices, followed by cycling, greyhounds and then lastly speedway).

While the best odds can be found in the Race Winner market, you can often find decent value in the market for a place in the Top 2 or, if it is available, the Top 3. Even though the odds are considerably shorter for this option, if you back a rank outsider to finish in the top 2 or 3, you can still pick up a decent return on your money.

  • Multiple Bets (Accumulators)

Perhaps one of the most appealing of all longer odds bets to punters is the accumulator. This, if you are not already aware, is a bet that contains multiple selections from different events and which sees the winnings from one event, roll onto the next event. If the players selections all win on their bet, then they can gamble a small amount, into a very large amount very quickly.

Of course, hitting a winning accumulator bet isn’t easy, even in the real world of sports, and with the random nature of Virtual Sports, it makes things even more difficult but the good news is that if you like accumulator betting, then you can enjoy this on Virtual Sports.

Simply make your selections from the list of Virtual Sports events listed in the main section for your chosen Virtual Sport. This can be individual races, or an individual football game as signified by the time the event is set to start.

When you do, make your selections, but be aware that not all selections are compatible with each other to make an accumulator bet. I’d strongly advise you to select from the same market, and a simple market each time, in order to put together your accumulator. Such as the Match Result market in football, or the Race winner market in the race games.

I’d also advise you to back generally lower odds options here as they do have more chance of winning than longer odds and with accumulators, if you can rack up a couple or trio of shorter odds selections together as winners, then you will be paid out at a very decent amount.

For example, a £1 accumulator (double) bet on two selections rated 9/1 and 6/1 on, say Virtual Horse racing, if they were to win would see you win £70. Plus you’d get your stake money back too.

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