Online Casino Canada

Online casino Canada

How to find the best online casino in Canada

Recent changes to gambling laws in Canada have meant that online bettors in the country now have a growing range of options available to them. Bettors in Canada can play their favourite casino games and slots at a growing selection of domestically licensed Canadian operators. While Canadians have often been using offshore sites with no penalty, it is obviously preferable for them to be able to use properly licensed Canadian sites.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the features of a good online casino in Canada. You’ll discover which features to watch out for when you are searching, and also where you can find additional help in your quest. Read on to find out more about how to find the best online casino in Canada!

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Features of a good online casino in Canada

Anyone seeking out the best online casino in Canada should make sure that they check these aspects of any site that they are considering using. If everything in these areas comes up to scratch, you should be in good hands.

Welcome Bonus

Most online casinos like to reward new customers for opening an account. They do this by offering welcome bonuses. These can take a number of forms, but usually, you will be offered an amount of bonus credit that is related in some way to the size of the first deposit you make in your new account. Always carefully check the terms and conditions of a welcome bonus before you sign up.

Range of games

Obviously perhaps, a good online casino should also offer a superbly varied selection of games for their customers to enjoy. As well as variety, the right casino for you should also match your interests and enthusiasms when it comes to gaming. So if you prefer playing slots to other forms of gambling, check the range of slot games on offer. Similarly, if it’s table games like roulette or blackjack that are more your type of thing, make sure there are several forms of these games available to play.

Mobile apps

Many online bettors in Canada and elsewhere like to play games on their phones and tablets. Indeed, the growth of mobile phone technology has been a major driver of the worldwide growth of the gambling industry over the last two decades. A good online casino will have its own app.

Payment methods

You need to know that you can conveniently and safely deposit funds and withdraw winnings from your account at an online casino. You should be able to use debit cards like Mastercard and Visa cards, as these are safe, secure, and convenient. Ewallets like Skrill and PayPal should also be available for those bettors that prefer to use electronic payment methods. Many casinos also offer you the chance to use direct bank transfers to withdraw winnings.

Customer service

If you’re signing up for an online casino account and playing with your hard-earned money, it is reassuring to know that you are being properly looked after. A customer service team should be easy to reach, via live chat, email, or the telephone, at convenient times of the day. They should also be transparent and honest with their answers to your questions. Good customer service is the bedrock of top online casinos.


As well as being properly licensed, online casinos should also make sure that all of their customers’ data and transactions are properly protected. There should always be some form of SSL encryption in place to keep customers secure, and the site should also be able to produce assurances about where customers’ funds are kept and how their data will be used.

VIP/loyalty schemes

Many good online casinos have schemes in place that will reward established customers for their loyalty. These often take the form of points-based VIP schemes, where you acquire points in return for the money that you risk in the casino. You will move through different levels and receive benefits as you do so. A VIP scheme should offer some generous rewards. You can enquire at customer services if you have any queries about how a VIP scheme works.

How to find the best online casino in Canada

So now you know what to look for when it comes to an online casino in Canada, how can you make sure that you find the perfect operator for you? Checking the above features is an important part of the process of choosing an online casino, but there are other sources of information that you can use in your search too. Here are few things that you can do to ensure that you are making the best possible choice.

Check Reddit and other social media channels for reviews

If you’re seeking out the best online casino in Canada, Reddit can help. There are a huge number of casino-related threads at Reddit, many aimed squarely at Canadian bettors. Reddit threads often contain the kind of unvarnished insight from other gamblers that can be much more useful than the more polite information often found at gambling review sites. Other gamblers on Reddit will tell you in straight terms what is good and bad about an online casino.

Other social media channels can also offer similar help to Canadian punters. Facebook groups and Twitter threads can also offer important insight about Canadian online casinos. Speaking to other gamblers via a range of forums is a really good idea if you are serious about finding the best online casinos for you.

Use comparison sites to help you

For anyone looking to play at an online casino in Canada for real money, reviews on casino sites by other punters can also be a great help. Many websites now offer their readers the opportunity to directly compare casinos very easily. It is a good idea to check these sites to see how they rate various operators, and how those operators stack up against each other.

Obviously, you should be wary of any information offered by sites with a clear commercial link to a specific operator. This does not mean that you cannot trust review sites, though, and anything that you read about an online casino you are thinking about using can be helpful.

Ask questions of customer service

Another good thing to do to test out a potential online casino is to ask questions of their customer service team. Their responses can tell you much about how a casino operates. Customer service teams should not only be accessible and responsive, but they should also be transparent and honest with their answers. They should not be reluctant to share information about games or bonuses with you and should be willing to resolve any queries you may have. How a customer service team responds to your queries can be a valuable source of insight in your quest for the right online casino.


When you are seeking out the best online casino in Canada, it is important that you check a range of important features. Aspects like the availability of welcome bonuses, the presence of a mobile app, and the range of payment methods on offer are all important things to check. It is also important, however, to ensure that the customer service team works effectively and responsively, and that there is some kind of reward scheme in place for loyal customers.

You can use social media sites like Reddit to help you in your quest for the best online casino in Canada, as well as review sites. It is also important that you test out the customer service team with some relevant questions if you are serious about choosing the right casino. If you take the time to check out all of the features we have mentioned in this article you should be successful in your search!

Online Casino Canada FAQs

The best online casino in Canada is the one that suits you best. To find the best possible casino, you should check features like the welcome bonus, the range of games on offer, and whether there is a mobile app available. Using social media channels like Reddit threads can also help in the process.

There are many real money casino games now available to bettors in Canada who want to play online. You can find a great selection of both table games and slots at online casinos that are now licensed to operate in Canada. Obviously, if you want to win real money then you also need to risk real money of your own.

There is a growing range of legitimate online casinos in Canada. The best way to check that a casino is legitimate is to check its licence. If it holds a licence from a reputable gambling regulatory body then you can rest assured that certain standards of fairness and safety are in place and that the casino is a legit operator.

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