Valorant Betting

A basic guide to bet on Valorant, Tips and Sites

If you’re new to esports then you might not have heard of Valorant. It is Riot Games’ new flagship title and it is already becoming very popular with esports fans. The game combines elements of tactical shooting games with individual character creation, making it similar to other esports favourites like CSGO, Overwatch and League of Legends.

In this article, we’ll give you a sound grounding in the subject of Valorant betting. You’ll learn how to bet on Valorant, and also how to improve your chances of success when you do it. We’ll also give you a few tips on Valorant betting sites. Read on to discover more!

How Valorant Works

So what is Valorant? Valorant is a free-to-play, tactical, character-based shooting game. Teams of five players face each other. In many ways, the game combines elements of two other esports favourites – CSGO and Overwatch. Teams take on attacking or defensive roles, with the attacking team attempting to place a ‘spike’ (a bomb, basically), and the defenders trying to prevent them doing so.

The attacking team wins if they successfully plant their spike and then defend it against being defused for the rest of the game. They also win if they kill all the defenders. The defensive team wins if they eliminate each member of the attacking team before the spike is planted, or they defuse the spike.

Each team of five will take on attacking and defensive roles during a match. Each match takes place over a maximum of 25 rounds, meaning that the first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. Even with a potential 25 rounds in a match, matches can be over in as little as eight minutes, especially if the two teams play in a very aggressive and assertive way.

CSGO fans will certainly see plenty of similarities in the game structure. Valorant also resembles CSGO in the way its weapon systems work and in how players can purchase weapons. One difference is that characters can attain ‘hero’ class, which confers special abilities like healing skills on them. Next, we’ll look at how Valorant betting works for you.

What is Valorant Betting?

When it comes to betting, you’re going to be in a strong position if you’ve already done some wagering on esports like CSGO and Overwatch. Many of the types of bets are very similar. You can place outright bets on tournament winners, or bet on individual matches between teams. If you’re betting in Valorant tournaments and trying to pick individual match winners then you can combine several of these types of bets on an accumulator.

The option is usually there to bet on which team will win the most rounds, or how many kills specific characters will make too. Some Valorant wagering sites also give you the chance to place live, in-play bets on markets like which player will make the next kill, or which team will win the next round.

How to Bet on Valorant

If you want to bet on Valorant, the process is very similar to betting on conventional sports or other esports. You need to open an account at a good online sportsbook first. When you do this, you will probably be able to claim a tempting betting bonus too. Once your account has been approved you can bet on Valorant by following these steps.

  • Find the Valorant market on which you want to bet
  • Check the odds and then select your bet type
  • Input your stake and check the details are correct
  • Click on Confirm or the equivalent to place your bet

Valorant Betting Sites

If you’re looking for online sportsbooks where you can use the latest Valorant betting tips, Betway and Bet365 are two good mainstream options. In addition to mainstream sportsbooks like these, there is a growing number of esports specialist bookies out there too. If you’ve seen some tempting Valorant betting predictions, it can also be a good idea to look at sites like Unikrn and Both of these sites offer tempting Valorant betting odds.

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How to Build a Valorant Betting Strategy

When it comes to putting together a strategy that can bring you success when wagering on Valorant, many of the usual principles of sports betting apply. You need to follow the latest news as well as results so that you can spot the current best Valorant player. You also need to understand Valorant betting odds and types of bet before you dive right into wagering. It also helps if you play the game yourself and gain useful insights into how players might react in certain situations, and how other factors like weapon choice might affect gameplay.

Betting on Valorant is very much like betting on CSGO, so if you’re already familiar with esports, we’re sure you’ll be fine. If Valorant is the first esports game on which you’ve been tempted to bet, remember to keep a close eye on your bankroll, and that betting is supposed to be fun!

Valorant Betting FAQs

The simple answer to that question is yes. You can bet on Valorant and other esports games at a growing range of bookmakers.

If you’re looking for some of the best odds for Valorant betting then you can check out what mainstream sportsbooks like Bet365 and Betway can offer. Esports specialists like and Unikrn are also well worth a look, as is 1XBet.

Betting in Valorant works in a very similar way to betting on conventional sports. You can place bets like outrights and bet on individual matches. If you’ve already done some betting on CSGO or Overwatch then you’ve already got a good base on which to build.

Betting laws in the USA are complex and vary considerably from state to state. It is a good idea to check how local laws apply to betting on esports in the state in which you live before you open an account at an online bookmaker and begin betting in Valorant tournaments.

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