Which Virtual Sports Betting Option is the Most Fun to Bet On?

November 12, 2019 in news

Why do you bet? For a very fortunate few, who seem to have some kind of ethereal gift, betting may be a way to supplement their income, or even generate an income if they are professional sports bettors. However, for the vast majority of people, betting is a way by which they could win some […]

Why Video Could Be the Next Big Thing in Virtual Sports

November 5, 2019 in news

One of the most obvious aspects of Virtual Sports is that there is a simulation element to the event. A typical Virtual Sports event starts with a period of betting (which usually lasts for the majority of the allotted time for most Virtual Sports) and then this is followed by the simulation aspect. In many […]

Virtual Sports Set To Make Their Way Into Land-Based Casinos

October 23, 2019 in news

Last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Globel Gaming Expo (G2E) took place. This is the annual gaming trade show that showcases to buyers across the world some of the newest gaming technology set to become available for purchase in casinos all around the world. The expo is one of the biggest in the gaming […]

What Are the Longer Odds Bets You Can Make in Virtual Sports?

October 15, 2019 in news

If you enjoy Virtual Sports then you will know that part of the enjoyment is the ability to make lots of smaller-sized bets on one or more events, and for the results of those bets to be known very quickly, often within the space of a couple of minutes. However, it is certainly true that […]

Love Virtual Sports? Then You Should Enjoy Betting on These Too

October 8, 2019 in news

As the third most important revenue stream for bookmakers in the United Kingdom, it is easy to see why so many companies like 10Bet, Betway, bet365 and similar are investing a lot of time, money and resources into expanding the number and improving the quality of the Virtual Sports games that are available for players […]

Could we Have Other Virtual Betting Games Other Than Sports?

September 30, 2019 in news

There is no doubt that companies like Inspired that are invested in creating Virtual betting games, have focused on sports because they offer an immediate bridging point between two different forms of gambling, both very popular with customers. On the one hand, Virtual Sports betting is very much designed to replicate what it is like […]

How Far Can Virtual Sports Gaming Go?

September 24, 2019 in news

Over the last few months we have seen a number of exciting new Virtual Sports offerings hit online sports betting sites and similar. We have seen updated versions of Virtual Greyhounds and Horse Racing, as well as brand new Virtual Sports games featuring sports as diverse as Darts, Basketball, Cricket and American Football. Add to […]

How Does Inspired’s Virtual American Football Shape Up?

September 18, 2019 in news

Last week, you may recall that we revealed that Inspired have signed a deal with the NFL Players Alumni to produce a brand-new NFL-themed game using former NFL legends that are part of the Alumni organisation. As yet there is no release date for this game, but it is thought that it should not be too […]

Inspired Signs Deal with NFL Alumni for New NFL Virtual Sports Game

September 11, 2019 in news

Inspired Entertainment are the company responsible for a number of top Virtual Sports games that are popular on sites such as Betway and bet365 Sport and now they are set to expand their repertoire of games with the announcement of a new deal with NFL Alumni in a forthcoming Virtual American Football game. The company […]

Is There A Successful Strategy I Can Adopt For Virtual Sports Betting?

September 3, 2019 in news

In the early days of the Internet and when online gambling was just about to take off, there was a time when unscrupulous people would proliferate online, offering people the opportunity to purchase their “can’t lose betting system”. These advertisements would usually see a man or woman celebrating another big bet coming in, being showed […]

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