virtual football bettingIn the world of virtual sports – as can be said about the world of sports in general – football, (or soccer if you prefer), is king.

The all-action game translates perfectly to the virtual environment, and with so many people familiar with football-based video games like FIFA and Pro Evo, the game has made a natural evolution to the virtual environment.

In this article we are going to dive into the world of virtual football and find out what is driving the success of this new form of virtual sports betting.

What is virtual football?

Virtual football is a condensed version of the world’s favourite game, played out in front of your eyes in games that last no more than a couple of minutes at most.

As with bets placed on a real-life football match, you choose one of a selection of bets on offer such as which team is going to win, and then sit back to enjoy the action. The games are powered by random number generators which determine the outcome of the game, so there is nothing you can do to influence the result.

The games come thick and fast, so when one match is over you will only have to wait a couple of minutes for the next game to kick off.

Virtual football betting types

As with real-life football betting, placing a wager on a virtual game involves the same bet types, although you will have a lot fewer options than you would with a big Premier League football match. Naturally you can bet on which team will win, or whether the game will finish as a draw, but there are a couple of other bet types available too.

It is possible to place a bet on total goals scored, and correct score bets are also a popular option, plus there can be over/under bets on goals scored in the game as well.

Virtual football viewing experience

If you are familiar with the latest computer football games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, then you will have a very good idea as to the appearance of a virtual football game.

The animation is very similar – although always shown from the half-way line vantage point – and the players move in a realistic manner on the pitch. Crowd noises and commentary enhance the viewing experience. And while it could never be mistaken for the real thing (for now at least) it makes for an engrossing experience when you have got a bet on the outcome.

A typical game will take no more than a minute and a half or two minutes and will feature five or six scoring opportunities, only some of which will generally be converted. You will find yourself cursing your virtual striker as he misses an open goal, or cheering when a long range shot finds the target.

And best of all, you won’t have to wait long for the next game to roll around.

Is betting on virtual football fair?

Many people have a concern regarding the outcome of virtual sports betting, as they feel wary of games which are not real life and thus could potentially be ‘manipulated’ by the online casino. The plain fact is that while there are certainly some dodgy online betting sites out there, any reputable casino will only use software that has been independently vetted for fairness.

An online casino will not risk its hard-won gaming licence for the sake of a few bucks here or there, and you can rest assured that the games play out completely fairly. Online casinos are capable of making good profits without the need to engage in dodgy practices.

So just check the bottom of the page of your casino of choice to make sure it is properly licenced, and then you can place your bets without worrying about any manipulation of the result.

Pros and cons of virtual football betting

Virtual sports betting is not going to replace the real thing any time soon. But virtual football is certainly an entertaining way to have a small wager and enjoy a bit of football betting during the off-season. The virtual game allows you to place bets at any time of day or night, and it is a great introduction to football betting as prior knowledge about teams or leagues will be of absolutely no advantage when placing bets on these games.

The teams here do not reflect any real-life versions, and so it’s a level playing field for novice and veteran football bettors. While virtual sports betting cannot generate the visceral thrill of the real thing, it makes for a pretty decent substitute and an entertaining diversion for football fans.