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What is Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual sports betting is now one of the most important features of many top sports betting sites. Betting on virtual sports ranks third in terms of revenue for online sports betting services, behind only football betting and horse race betting. As such, the best virtual sports betting sites will offer a wide range of options, such as virtual horse racing or betting on virtual football.

So what is it about betting on virtual sports that have engaged with so many punters? Is there a best virtual sports betting strategy and what are the best sites for punters to sign up with today? On this site, we will take a look at all the different virtual sports betting solutions but to begin with, we will examine what exactly virtual sports are.

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What are virtual sports?

The world of virtual sports is booming, and as advances in technology continue in leaps and bounds, soon it will become difficult to distinguish betting on virtual sports from wagering on real sporting events. Let’s take a closer look at this fast-growing sector in the online betting world.

virtual sports betting

Virtual sports offer bettors the opportunity to enjoy the thrills and excitement of betting on simulated sporting contests any time of day or night. Games and races are played out using sophisticated software, similar to that employed on popular computer games like FIFA Football, and technology has advanced to such a stage that the virtual athletes and teams are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

There are now many different options for virtual sports tips and betting online guides, including all your favorite sports, like football, cycling, tennis, horse-racing, greyhound racing, and motorsports as well as more recent developments such as darts, virtual basketball, and American football. Pay a visit to your sports betting site and there’s a good chance that they have a section dedicated exclusively to virtual sports gaming. Here you can expand your betting strategy across a wide range of different games and sports betting options.

Virtual Sports Events and Games

You can enjoy betting markets for online virtual sports in all the following:

  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhounds
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Motorsport
  • Speedway
  • Cycling
  • American Football
  • Darts
  • Esports

Furthermore, the best virtual sports betting sites (available also in New Jersey) are increasing their gambling options all the time, with new games being developed and offered to customers. Some virtual sports betting solutions mean that there is more than one option available in some virtual sports games (such as virtual tennis betting, virtual basketball football or hockey).

Virtual Sports vs. Real Sports Gambling

While virtual gaming is unlikely to ever replace betting on real sports in terms of excitement and interest levels, they can come pretty close on both counts.

virtual horse racing

And virtual sports have a couple of major advantages over the real-life version when it comes to real money online betting. First, you don’t have to wait for a scheduled match or race as you can enjoy betting on virtual sports around the clock, day or night. And second, virtual sports are shortened versions of the real thing – meaning that a virtual soccer match takes 90 seconds to complete instead of 90 minutes, meaning that there’s no waiting around for the next betting opportunity.

With plenty of bet types on offer for all of the different events and fantasy sports, there is something for everybody when it comes to sports betting.

Bet types available for virtual gaming

Gambling on virtual sports and esports follows the same pattern as betting on real-life sporting events, and you can expect the same type of bets to be offered depending on the sport in question. Football matches are one of the most popular virtual video games, and bettors will have the opportunity to bet not only on the winner but also side bets such as correct score, over/under goals bets and the total number of goals.

For a racing event like cycling or horse racing, you can bet virtual on the outright winner or take an each-way option instead. You will also have the option to make forecast and tricast bets, where you can predict the first two or three finishers.

virtual tennis betting

Tennis games let you pick the winner – naturally – but also allow bets on the total number of points scored as well as correct score predictions. As there is no form guide to go on in the world of virtual gaming, this makes it a great entry-level testing ground for those new to sports virtual betting, as they won’t be at a disadvantage to those who have followed a particular sport or team for years.

You can develop your own gambling strategy depending on which virtual/electronic game you are playing at the time. You may prefer to back the shorter odds options to try and give yourself a better chance of success, or you can back the much longer odds options to try and land a bigger win. The choice is yours!

Is betting on virtual sports fair?

It’s not uncommon for bettors to come to the conclusion that betting on virtual sports is just some sort of a con, designed to separate a player from their cash. After all, the casino’s software is controlling the outcome of this game so they can just change the result any way they please, isn’t that how it works?

In fact, if anything, betting on virtual sports is more likely to be fairer than the real thing. After all, it is impossible to bribe a virtual tennis player while there have been a large number of recorded instances where money has changed hands to influence the results of real-life tennis matches.

Virtual sports results are determined by a random number generator, meaning that neither the betting site nor the player can know the outcome before the game plays out. If you play virtual sports on a properly licensed sports betting site, then you need have no concerns about the fairness of the outcome.

It simply is not worth the risk for the bookmakers to try and fix the way virtual sports play out, as the ruinous cost of potentially losing their betting license far outweighs what could be won by players. As such, any worthy sportsbooks will all be checked to ensure that they are safe and fair for customers to play.

Is Virtual Sports Betting better than the real thing?

When it comes to fast hits of exciting betting action, virtual games offer a great alternative to traditional sporting events. While it’s true that online bookies now cover sporting events from across the globe, not all of these are available via live streams and so punters often have to rely on pretty basic computer graphics to show how the action is progressing.

real sports betting vs virtual sports betting

Virtual games offer all the thrills of a real-life sports event but packaged into bite-sized form. This means that you never have to wait more than a few seconds for your next sporting hit. Realistic graphics mean that watching a virtual horse race or tennis match becomes an immersive experience, heightened by the fact that commentary and authentic-sounding crowd noises are added into the mix.

Okay, so electronic sports can’t fully replace the action and exhilaration generated by a real race or game in the real world, but it can do a pretty good job as a substitute when there are no real sporting events available. When you ask yourself, ‘what is virtual sports betting and is it worth a try?’ simply pay a visit to the virtual sports section of your favorite online bookmaker and after a while, you may forget that you’re not watching real sporting events play out live in front of your eyes.


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