Virtual Greyhound Racing

virtual greyhound bettingGreyhound racing has been a favourite pursuit in the UK for many a year, and although today’s crowds can’t rival those which visited the track fifty years ago the sport remains a staple of the gambling world.

Virtual sports betting has introduced greyhound racing to a completely new audience and is one of the more popular betting options in the world of virtual sports betting.


What is virtual greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing is a pretty easy sport to get the hang of, as it amounts to six dogs racing around an oval track, with the first one past the finish line the winner. Simple sports with clear results make for good betting options, which is why virtual greyhound racing has come into being.

The result of the race is determined by random number generators, and the animation layered on top is to provide an enhanced viewing experience and lend an authentic feel to proceedings.

Virtual greyhound bet types

The betting options for virtual greyhound races are basically the same as you find with virtual horse racing, and of course, the simplest option is to pick a winner and hope that your dog comes in first. If you want to hedge your bet, then you can place an each-way bet which pays out a quarter of the odds if your dog comes in the top two places.

The more adventurous bettor can try a forecast bet to predict the dogs which come in first and second, or even a tricast bet where you try to predict the top three greyhounds to finish the race.

Watching virtual greyhounds

The animations used in virtual greyhound racing are excellent and seem to get better every year. It is very easy to become engrossed in the race and find yourself cheering your dog home, for all the good that will do!

The track and stadium are beautifully rendered, and although a close up of the animals reveals them not to be the real thing, from above the action looks very realistic. Commentary and crowd noises add to the atmosphere, and as the race lasts barely a minute the action is fast and furious.

Is virtual greyhound racing fair?

There are those punters who remain wary of virtual sports betting because they feel that the bookies have a say in the outcome of the races. In fact, all virtual greyhound races are determined by random outcomes, and the software which generates the result is subject to independent testing and scrutiny to ensure that the races are run fairly.

Of course, the random number generator will factor in the odds to make the short-priced dog more likely to win than the others, but that is the same as saying that the favored dog in a real-life race has a better chance of winning than its opponents.

And as we know from real-life races, the favorite certainly doesn’t always come out on top.

Virtual greyhound betting pros and cons

Virtual greyhound racing has brought the rather old-fashioned sport into the 21st century and introduced it to an audience that would never dream of visiting a greyhound stadium in person. The races are fast and with only a couple of minutes until the next race goes off there is very little hanging around.

While a meet at a real greyhound track might have 12 races spread over three hours, the virtual version can run 25-30 races in a single hour, making for lots more betting opportunities.

If you are new to the sport, there is a case to be made that the virtual version is even better than the real thing, as it is effectively an enhanced and turbocharged version of the real-life races.

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