Oddin.gg Joins International Betting Integrity Association

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on February 3, 2024

It was recently announced that Oddin.gg, a leading esports betting services provider, has joined forces with the IBIA – the International Betting Integrity Association. Becoming a member of the IBIA is a strategic indicator that Oddin.gg is committed to ensuring the highest standards of integrity are professed across its suite of esports betting services and products. In recent years, Oddin.gg has been growing from strength to strength, expanding its operations and becoming a key player in the industry.

For almost twenty years, the IBIA has been trading as an NPO that exists for one core reason. That’s to protect and preserve the integrity and governance of sporting events with a betting layer. Members of the organisation are determined to align with those sentiments and that mission, following a strict code of conduct that sees them put in place responsible and regulated betting practices.

Integrity is Key

As Oddin.gg expands on a global scale, joining the IBIA is a representative marker that indicates the firm’s intentions to be as ‘legitimate’ as possible. It’s not just a sign that the company wants to be responsible, but it’s a nod to the desire to make the esports betting industry as a whole much more regulated and well-governed. In a statement, the CEO of Oddin.gg, Vlastimil Venclik, said:

‘Joining IBIA is a significant milestone for Oddin.gg. As we expand our operations in key markets like the United States, being part of IBIA’s robust monitoring network will enhance our capabilities in safeguarding the integrity of our esports betting products. This collaboration underscores our dedication to providing a safe and fair betting environment for our partners and their customers.’

Oddin.gg is a key player in the esports betting industry and has partnered with many of the top brands, tournaments, and organisers in the space. In recent years, Oddin.gg has been undergoing a somewhat aggressive expansion campaign and has recently moved into North America. Most recently, the firm picked up licenses to operate in Colorado, Ontario, and New Jersey – key markets by all accounts.

There’s a bright future in store for Oddin.gg, and with this recent piece of news, we know that the future will be focused firmly on retaining and professing integrity across the industry.

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