Horse Racing Betting Tips You Can Trust


Welcome to our resource of horse racing betting tips. We’ll give you tips for all of the biggest and best horse races so that you can put down your bets with plenty of confidence.

It could be the Kentucky Derby, the Grand National or even the Melbourne Cup, whatever you’re betting on, we’ve got a tip for it. Plus we have to say that our horse betting tips have a pretty good track record of helping you predict the winner. So let’s have a closer look at our awesome horse betting tips!

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Why you need horse betting tips

Just about anyone can get lucky with a horse racing bet. However, you’ll need to get a bit more methodical if you want to get more consistent wins when betting on horse racing. After all, you won’t last too long by just betting on a horse because you like its name. Plus experienced horse betting fans will know that even an outright favourite can get easily beaten on the day.

So we’ve made sure that you get tips that help to give you all of the information you need to make a more accurate prediction of what’s most likely to happen. While you should always do your own homework, we’re just here to make everything faster and easier!

Tips for the biggest and best horse races

Chances are that you are here because you want to bet on one of the biggest horse races. Well you’re in the right place as we’ll give you tips for those horse races that everyone wants to bet on. Obviously, this means giving you coverage of all of those major UK horse races like the Grand National and the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

But we’ll also skip across the Atlantic to give you predictions for the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes and so on. Plus with tips for everything from the Melbourne Cup to Prix de l’Arc De Triomphe, you’ll have everything you need to make a sound prediction on the biggest horse races in the world.

Predictions for horse races all over the world

Horse racing betting tips

However, horse racing isn’t purely about those big horse races. All true horse racing fans know that betting on a bleak Thursday meeting in Ayr or Santa Anita can be just as much fun. Plus there’s no shortage of awesome horse racing action going on everywhere from Hong Kong and South Africa to Germany and beyond. So we’ll make sure that you get tips for any horse race meeting you can think of. Whether it’s Punchestown in Ireland to Trentham in New Zealand, you’ll never be short of horse racing predictions.

How we make our horse racing predictions

We’ve made sure that our predictions are all based on solid statistical fact. This means that you’ll get the detail you need about each racecourse and we’ll let you know how the ‘going’ or track condition is before the big race.

Obviously we’ll inform you about the racing record of each of the runners, and let you know about the jockeys, trainers, owners and much more. All of which should take all of the mystery out of the race when raceday comes around.

What else goes into our horse racing betting tips

Our tips don’t just stop when it comes to making our predictions. This is because we’ll even guide you towards the best horse racing bets on the market. You’ll get insight as to when you should put down a single bet, or when it might be wise to add some insurance through an each-way bet.

Plus we’ll identify those bookmakers with the best odds for each tip we put down. This means that you can simply go direct from our tips page to the betting site in just a matter of seconds. All of which should provide for some seriously fun and assured horse racing betting.

Why our horse racing betting tips are free

You may see some tipsters who attempt to sell you their horse betting tips. This is something that we’d never do and you’ll find that all of our horse betting predictions are free. We’ve made our betting tips free as nobody can accurately predict the future and therefore it seems wrong to charge people money for predictions that can’t guarantee a winning result. So come to us for free betting tips that you can trust, but remember to do your own research too.

How to use our horse racing betting tips

We’ve made sure that our betting tips are as easy to use as possible. Here’s what you need to do to successfully bet on horse racing:

  • Read our betting tips: You’ll get tips for all of the biggest and best horse races
  • Do your own research: Remember to only use our tips as the basis for your own predictions
  • Pick one of our featured betting sites: Each betting site featured is safe and will give you great horse racing odds
  • Evaluate the betting markets: Figure out which bet works best for your prediction
  • Enter your betting stake: Remember to only wager money that you don’t mind losing
  • Submit your bet: Now the fun bit – sit back and watch the action!

Virtual Horse racing betting tips 2022

Top horse racing bet types to use with our tips

Most of our horse racing predictions will simply let you know who we think will be the race winner. However, it’s always a good idea to have a solid knowledge of some of the other popular horse racing bets. Here are some horse racing bet types you can try at all good bookmaker sites:

  • Single bets: This is where you’re betting on the horse that wins the race
  • Double and triple bets: This is where you bet on multiple winners in different races.
  • Each-way bets: This is where half of your betting stake predicts that the runner will win, and the other half predicts that the runner will get a ‘place’ finish. A place finish varies according to how many runners are in the race. So in the Grand National where there are 40 runners, a place finish would be the top five race positions.
  • Exotic bets: These are when you bet on where multiple horses will finish. Hard to get right but the payouts can be spectacular.

More horse racing strategies to try

Of course, we do more than just serve up horse racing tips. We also want to give you advice about how you can improve your horse racing betting over the long-term too. Here are some cool horse racing strategies to try with your horse racing bets:

  • Try an ante-post bet: Ante Post betting is basically where you put down a bet way in advance of the actual race. It’s risky because the odds can change a lot in the upcoming days and your chosen runner may not even feature. But ante-post betting can pay off with some amazing odds if you get it right.
  • Give accumulator betting a try: Accumulator bets are where you try and predict multiple winners for different races. The best way to put down accumulator bets is to do it with small stakes on favourites where the odds are as low as possible.
  • Bet responsibly: It’s an obvious thing to say but big upsets happen in horse racing all of the time. This is why its always a good idea to factor in those inevitable losses that are going to occur by only betting on horse racing with stakes that you don’t mind losing.

Using these tips for virtual horse racing

horse racing betway tips

If you play virtual horse racing, then there’s a pretty good chance that you will be a fan of regular horse racing too. However, it’s important to remember that virtual horse betting is very different from the real thing. After all, virtual sports betting is where you’re betting on the results of a random number generator rather than real-world events.

So while regular horse racing is pretty unpredictable, it’s nowhere near as random as what you get with virtual horse betting. However, you can still take a few strategies such as betting responsibly and finding the best value markets for virtual horse racing betting.

Check back to get the best horse racing predictions

By now you’ll realise that you can count on us for awesome horse racing betting tips. This is because we’ve assembled a team of experts who have plenty of experience in any big horse race. As a result, you can come here and know that you’re getting all of the help you need to make assured predictions.

Obviously you should take the time to do your own research. But our team will know how everything from the track conditions to each horse’s past form could affect the race result. Plus we’re perfectly happy to guide you towards the best horse racing odds on the market so that you get more for your bets. So be sure to check back to this resource before you bet on any horse race!

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