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Where to place live bets?

Live betting is a thrilling form of wagering that can provide plenty of great entertainment to punters. If you’re new to the world of sports betting then you might not be aware of how live betting actually works. If so, you’re in the right place! Here, we’re going to tell you about in-play betting and how to find the best live betting sites.

You’ll also discover more about how to put together a successful strategy for live betting, as well as some of the types of live bets that you can place. We’ll also tip you off about where to find some great live sports betting sites. Read on to discover all you need to know about live, in-play betting!

What is live betting?

So, before we go any further it is probably a good idea to tell you exactly what we mean when we say live betting. Live betting, sometimes referred to as in-play betting, is where you place bets on a sporting event while it is taking place. You really need to be following the action in some way, ideally via live stream, so that you can make more accurate predictions. You get the chance to bet on events like which team will score the next goal or receive a yellow card, for example, though specific markets vary according to the sport.

This is a challenging form of betting that requires a quick mind that is capable of reacting quickly to changes in the game situation. You also need good sporting knowledge as to be successful you need to be able to properly understand how players might react when confronted with certain situations in a game. We’ll tell you more about how to put together a winning strategy to use at the best live betting sites later, though.

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Types of live bets

Many of the bets that can be placed on live markets are similar to those that you can place while enjoying more conventional forms of sports betting. There is always an extra touch of excitement in live betting, though. Live markets for football betting include markets like which team will score next or which team will be ahead at half-time.

You can place specific types of live bets on different sports. In darts, for example, you can wager on which player will win the next leg. If you are live betting on tennis, you can bet on which player will win the next set, the next game, or what the total game tally for each player will be. Whatever the sport, there are usually some pretty exciting live markets available for bettors.

Where can I place live bets?

Most betting sites now offer some form of live betting to customers. Bet365 is a UK-based operator that is well worth checking out for its live betting markets. There is a good range of sports on offer, and it offers live streams of tennis, snooker, football, cricket, darts, and squash. You can read our Bet365 review to find out more about this betting site.

Another site that has some great options when it comes to live betting is Betway. They have a tremendous range of sports on which you can place in-play bets. Punters at Betway can place live bets on football, of course, but also on baseball, table tennis, cycling, cricket, darts, and rugby league, among many other options. Betways also takes esports very seriously indeed and there are extensive esports live betting options on offer. You can also live stream esports via the Betway site, as well as enjoy other live streams of sports like volleyball, snooker, and basketball.

How to find a good live betting site

Anyone seeking out the best live betting sites should make sure that they check a number of key features so that they pick the best possible bookmaker. You need to choose an operator that meets your specific needs. Thankfully, the choice of operators that offer live betting options is growing all the time. You should have no problem finding an operator who can meet your needs if you ensure that you follow the tips we have outlined below.

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  • Check the range of sports is wide enough

You do not want to become bored and stale when doing some live betting, so the best live betting sites will always offer a wide range of sports on which in-play bets can be placed. While most sites will always offer a pretty extensive range of football live betting options, it is always nice to have the option to bet on other sports. You should always ensure that the site you choose has a wide selection so that you can explore some betting options.

  • Does the site offer live streaming?

Another thing to check if you’re considering opening an account at a site that offers live betting markets is whether or not you can watch live streams of the sports on offer. Some sites have a good selection of live streams while others are more limited in range. Being able to watch live streams confers a massive advantage on live bettors.

  • Is there a special bonus for live bettors?

While most operators will have some kind of welcome bonus in place for all bettors, many betting sites will also have a special bonus for customers who place live bets. This is not always the case, of course, but it is worth looking out for at online live betting sites. A tasty welcome bonus is always pleasant, after all!

Putting together a live betting strategy

So how can you put together a strategy to bring you success at the best live betting sites? In many ways, the same principles used in composing a strategy for conventional sports betting hold true.As in any other type of betting, knowledge is power when it comes to in-play markets.

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  • Study the form

The form of teams and players is always a good guide to how they might perform in their latest game. Winning and losing tend to become habits in sports, for some strange reason, and the current form of a team is always vital to learn about before you bet. Recent performances are a great guide to how a game might turn out.

  • Know the teams and players well

As important as studying the form is, you need to back it up with excellent knowledge about the teams and players. If a football player is prone to giving away fouls, for example, it might be worth punting on his team to receive the next yellow card. Similarly, if a cricketer comes to the crease who is known for big hitting, back him to hit a six in the next over.

  • Understand the sport on which you are betting

It is also important to know the sport on which you are placing live bets as well as possible. If you have played the game yourself, this can be helpful. Live betting requires you to possess a good knowledge of how players might react in certain situations, and the deeper your all-round knowledge about a sport the more helpful it is.

  • Manage your bankroll

One thing that is particularly important in the fast-moving world of live betting is that you keep a close eye on your bankroll. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of your bets when the action starts. Always keep a corner of your mind as composed as possible so that you can monitor your wins and losses and adjust your stake sizes accordingly.

  • Watch a live stream

Being able to watch the game as it happens is vital for success at live betting. If you cannot watch a full stream of the game then some operators offer a kind of live commentary, often accompanied by helpful graphics, to show you how a game is progressing. Without access to some kind of live coverage, you will find in-play betting pretty tricky.

What sports are good for live betting?

Almost any sport can be fun when it comes to live betting. Much of the focus for operators that offer live betting markets has been on football. This is not surprising, as soccer remains the most popular team sport across the globe. There are many other sports, however, that are also good for live betting.

Cricket is an excellent sport for live bets due to the sheer range of markets on which you can bet. It is also relatively slow moving, so bettors can enjoy a little more time to weigh up odds and selections. Another sport that suits live betting is tennis, as there is always a wide selection of markets on which you can bet, as well as plenty of breaks in play to allow you to properly choose which bets might be profitable.

In truth, though, almost any sport can be fun when it comes to live betting. If you are a fan of a particular sport then seek out live markets for it. If you have expertise and good sporting knowledge, any sport can bring profitable experience of in-play betting.

Can I place live esports bets?

Live betting esports

A growing sector at many of the best live betting sites is esports. Esports betting is becoming very popular all over the world, so it is no surprise that esports bettors now also have the chance to place live bets.

If you want to put together a winning strategy for esports in-play betting then the pointers we have outlined above will help you. You need to know about games like CSGO, Call of Duty and Valorant rather than football, cricket or basketball, but if you’re an esports fan that shouldn’t be difficult.

You can also sometimes place live bets on virtual sports. Virtual sports betting is where you bet on simulated games, so while it is not like betting on esports, there are some superficial similarities, in that you’re wagering on pixels rather than real players. Virtual sports are entirely computer generated, though, with no human players controlling the action. Live virtual darts, as well as other sports like virtual soccer and virtual cycling, have become very popular over the last few years.


As you can see, there is plenty of entertainment to be enjoyed at live betting sites. Live betting is a good test of your sporting knowledge and speed of thought, and you need excellent sporting knowledge in order to be successful. You can build a successful live betting strategy by applying the same principles that bring you wins in other forms of sports betting.

While football is hugely popular as a sport for live betting, games like cricket, tennis, and darts also offer superb possibilities. Just make sure you always keep a close eye on your bankroll, and you should find live betting great fun!

Best live betting sites FAQS

Live betting is actually a very simple concept. Sometimes also referred to as in-play betting, it is a form of wagering where you bet on events occurring while a game is taking place. Obviously, having access to a live stream of the sporting event in question significantly boosts your chances of placing successful live wagers.

Live betting, like any kind of sports betting, has the potential to be profitable if you put together a sensible strategy. The important thing to always remember is that sports betting is about entertainment, and you should never view it as a way to pay bills or resolve other financial issues. Small profits are fine!

There are a great many super sites out there that offer a tremendous range of live football betting options. For us, though, the best football live betting sites remain Bet365 and Betway. They have an excellent range of markets, and Bet365 has some great live streaming too. Esports fans will particularly enjoy the choice of live markets at Betway.

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