Virtual Speedway

Many people may be unfamiliar with the sport of speedway racing, which is why it is one of the virtual sports betting options which does not appear in all that many online betting sites.

However, the sport does have a strong fan base in the north of England, and for that reason a number of UK bookmakers do offer the virtual version of the sport. Just in case you are one of the many who don’t know the sport, speedway is basically motorcycle racing around an oval track.

There are four racers involved, meaning that betting options are a little more limited than in some other virtual sports, but this is still a fast and action-packed virtual sports betting option.

What is virtual speedway?

Virtual speedway is simply an animated version of the real-life sport of motor-bike racing, except the outcomes of the virtual races are determined by random number generating software rather than the skill and courage of the riders.

Although the real sport doesn’t have much of a following when compared to its hey-day in the 1950s, there are still die-hard fans in the UK who enjoy visiting their local track.

Virtual speedway allows for hundreds of races per day rather than the few meetings that can be put on in real life, and so gives plenty of fast-paced betting opportunities.

Virtual speedway bet types

Virtual speedway is one of the less-popular virtual sports betting options, mainly due to the fact that the sport is pretty much unknown to viewers from outside of the United Kingdom. Due to the small field of just four racers, betting options are pretty limited too, with just win and each way markets available to virtual sports bettors.

That being said, the races are quick and the sport is extremely simple to understand, making it an ideal gambling option for fans of virtual sports betting.

Virtual speedway viewing experience

Watching a virtual speedway race is a fun and frantic experience as the race lasts less than a minute, and there will be another one coming your way in a jiffy.

With only four racers involved it is easy to pick out your chosen rider by his helmet colour, and you will find yourself willing your racer to success as the race gets underway. The four riders are introduced at the beginning of the race, where you can see a recent form guide as well as the odds on offer. Place your bets and then watch as the bikes storm out of the traps and skid around the course.

Excitable commentary and realistic engine and crowd noises add to the overall experience and allow the viewer to become immersed in the race.

Is betting on virtual speedway fair?

All virtual sports are powered by random number generating software which decides the outcome of the race or event, and virtual speedway is no different.

Any reputable online bookmaker will be regulated by a respected gaming authority such as those based in the UK, Malta or Gibraltar, and their licence will depend on their continuing to operate fair games on the site. That means that virtual sports betting on speedway races will be subject to rigorous inspection to ensure that the race results are completely fair and randomized and that punters have a decent chance to win.

It quite simply is not worth the risk of losing a precious gaming licence for the bookies to try and fix the outcomes of virtual events.

Pros and cons of virtual speedway

Although virtual speedway is not one of the most well-known virtual sports betting options, there is still plenty of fun to be had by placing a bet on one of these bike races.

The races are fast and furious and also extremely easy to follow, and the vivid sound effects bring the spectacle to life on your screen. This is one of the simplest virtual sports betting games to try, so if you are new to the area then why not give virtual speedway a go?

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