Virtual Basketball Betting

How to Bet, Odds and Tips for Virtual Basketball Games
Virtual Basketball Betting

New opportunities for sports betting fans are being developed all the time. One of the more interesting developments in recent years has been the rise of betting on virtual sports. Virtual sports are where computer generated contests in various games are played out, a bit like watching a video game. Punters can bet on the outcomes in very similar ways to how they would bet on real sports, and there are certain similarities with esports betting too.

Virtual basketball betting is one form of virtual sports betting that is becoming increasingly popular. We’re going to take a look at it here for you, and let you know that this form of betting is safe, entertaining and provides plenty of opportunities for astute punters to pick up some profits. Read on to find out more!

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What is Virtual Basketball Betting?

So what is virtual basketball betting? Let’s start by giving you a proper description of what we’re talking about before we move on to the question of how to bet on virtual basketball. In truth, if you can imagine watching a video game version of basketball then you will not be far off understanding what virtual basketball is. Basically, when you log into your betting account to place some wagers on a virtual sport, you are going to be watching a computer generated sports match.

Complex algorithms control the action and the outcomes, with statistics and information generated by real sports providing the basis for the action. A whole host of virtual sports have proliferated across online sportsbooks in recent years, with basketball among them. Picking winners when you are betting on a virtual basketball game is pretty similar to betting on real sports. You must use your knowledge and expertise to assess the odds and determine which outcome is most likely.

But instead of your bet success depending on the action of real players on a real court competing against each other, the outcomes are determined by the computer. The results of virtual basketball games therefore have no human influence on them at all. This can sometimes seem a little strange to punters who are used to betting on conventional sports.

Given the popularity of sports simulation video games, it is no real surprise that betting on virtual sports has grown so much in recent years. But are the differences between a bet on virtual basketball and a wager on a real game? That is something that we shall look at next for you.

What are the Differences between Virtual Basketball Betting and Real-Life Basketball Betting

Virtual Basketball tipsIn general teams, if you are already familiar with betting on conventional basketball, learning how to bet on virtual basketball should be pretty simple. Many of the markets work in very similar ways. You can place bets on the winner of the match, and also on other markets that will be familiar to anyone who bets on real basketball.

Betting on virtual basketball is also much faster moving than betting on a real game. Matches are played over just three and half minutes, though, so an entire season can be played out in a day. This increases your options when it comes to virtual basketball odds.

How to Bet on Virtual Basketball

So how do you bet on a virtual basketball game? How is it different to betting on a real game of basketball in the NBA or any of the world’s other professional leagues? Here are some of the types of bet that you can place watching a virtual basketball game. There are more possible bets than this, of course, and you should always check out the specific markets on offer when you look at your favoured bookie’s virtual basketball odds.

Bet on the winner

This is a very simple bet where you select which team you think will an individual match. As with any kind of sport, this bet comes down to you carefully weighing the wider picture that the stats and recent form paint for you. You need to be just as careful when placing a bet on virtual basketball as you do on any other kind of sports.

Bet on the total points in a game

This is a bet where you select how big the total points scored in the virtual basketball game will be. It is exactly the same type of bet that you would use if you were betting on a real game of basketball. If you are used to betting on real basketball then this bet type will feel very familiar to you.

Bet on the winning margin

This is another simple bet type where you try to predict the margin of victory that the winning team will enjoy. This is the type of bet that is more likely to be successful when you have followed a team’s progress through their season for a little while.

Bet on the score in a quarter

This is a very simple bet where you bet on the amount of points that you think will be scored in one quarter of the game’s action. Again, you must use your judgement based on the stats that have been provided about the teams’ previous performance. Always remember that virtual basketball betting moves much more quickly than betting on real basketball.

If you cast your eye over the markets available on a virtual basketball game at your favoured betting site then you may see other bet types offered too. You may even be able to use some of the latest bet365 basketball tips for the virtual form of the game to help you find success. What you need to remember is that betting on virtual basketball is not like betting on esports. How does it differ? We’ll answer that question for you next.

Virtual Basketball Betting is Different to Betting on NBA2K

If you are familiar with sports simulation video games then you may well already be aware that is possible to bet on them too. Esports are now big business, with various video games being played competitively across the world. Given their popularity, it is no surprise that betting on esports has become a key focus for many bookmakers. But esports betting is not the same beast as betting on virtual sports.

If you are at all familiar with esports, then you may well have seen, or even bet on, markets for the NBA 2K League (NBA2KL). This league has been running since May 2018 and consists of top video gamers using their skills to play out matches in a special build of the NBA 2K game. Many online sportsbooks offer markets on the league’s matches, in the same way that they do on other esports like CSGO or Dota2.

Virtual basketball odds do not reflect human skills

How to bet on virtual basketballVirtual basketball betting is an activity where you are watching a computer generated game of basketball where there is no human influence on the outcome at all. It is an entirely simulated contest. This makes it significantly different to esports betting and you should not confuse the two. Esports betting is focused on the skills and abilities of human players – you are betting on their abilities and skills.

Betting on virtual sports has a different focus. You still need to be able to properly assess the chances of a result occurring, but you do it by looking at computer generate statistics and results and making a calculation. While it is a less instinctive form of betting, it is still highly entertaining. Anyone who knows how real basketball works has a real advantage when it comes to making successful use of virtual basketball odds.

Are there Any Virtual Basketball Leagues?

If you visit your favourite online sportsbook then you will usually see at least two ‘leagues’ being played out. These are, of course, entirely fictional entities, though you will probably see some familiar names among the teams. Virtual basketball leagues will often use the names of real cities, for example, but you will not see virtual representations of real players or actual teams.

A typical league that you will find on a betting site will usually have 16 teams and will run continuously. There are usually 30 match days and each team will play each other twice. A series of bet types is offered and punters can bet at any time during the season. Action is very fast-moving when it comes to virtual basketball betting.

Virtual Basketball Technologies and Providers

So who is behind the virtual basketball game that you see being played out at your favourite online sportsbook? There are several developers who provide virtual basketball leagues to online sportsbooks.

One of the best known of these developers is NSoft. Their virtual basketball games use the latest motion capture technology as well as real life sports stats from BetRadar to create one of the most realistic virtual basketball experiences out there. An extensive range of bet types is provided too.

Another top developer that produces a good virtual basketball game is Inspired. Their virtual basketball offering also makes use of cutting edge motion capture technology, and new events can be scheduled within it every four minutes. It is also client customisable, meaning that you might see slightly different versions of it at various sportsbooks.

Another developer that works in this area of the gaming sector is Playtech. If you enjoy slots gaming then you be familiar with the name. They like to create an extra sense of realism in their games by providing comprehensive details about form and history for each of the teams in the league. There are also localised language and commentary options.


As you can see, virtual basketball betting is pretty simple really. If you are already a fan of basketball then you should be able to pick it up easily, and also be able to use your sporting knowledge to improve your chances of picking up some wins along the way. While betting on the virtual form of the game is not quite the same as using the latest bet365 basketball tips to build bets on the real sport, there are many significant similarities. If they like football betting UK punters should be able to pick up the basics of betting on virtual basketball very easily.

But placing a bet on virtual basketball can be a really entertaining way of wagering. As with any kind of betting, the more knowledge you have then the greater your chances of success. Look at the stats and trust your judgement and, as long as you always keep a close eye on your bankroll, you should do well.

Virtual Basketball Betting FAQs

If you want to bet on virtual basketball in the UK then you can do so at a number of online sportsbooks. You should always make sure that any sportsbook you use to place bets on virtual basketball has a UKGC license, as this guarantees not only that they are legally allowed to operate in the UK, but also that their games will be fair and their site will be secure. You can check the virtual sports section of your favourite sportsbook to see what kind of virtual basketball betting markets are available.

Virtual basketball odds can nowadays be found at most online sportsbooks. You can find a good range of markets for virtual basketball at bookies like Bet365, NetBet and Betway. It is always a good idea to check for any specific virtual sports bonus offers too, as these are becoming increasingly common at online sportsbooks. You can often pick up a bonus bet in addition to your welcome bonus if you check out the virtual sports offers carefully.

Virtual basketball betting works in a very similar way to betting on normal basketball. You need to remember, though, that you are not using things like bet365 basketball tips to shape your selections. While sound basketball knowledge will help you make better selections, outcomes in virtual basketball are not determined by any kind of human influence. You therefore need to be able to assess the statistics and form generated by the algorithm to shape your bet selections.

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