Horse Racing Live Betting


Learning how to bet on horse racing? You can learn about live horse betting here in our handy guide! Find out more about horse race online betting as well as how to enjoy horse racing live betting!

Live, in-play betting is very popular in sports such as football and rugby league, where punters have the chance to bet on markets such as who will score next. Fewer punters are aware of the fact that you can actually place live bets on horse racing too. Even many people who are already fans of horse race online betting do not always know that it is possible to enjoy in-play betting on their favourite sport.

Horse Racing Live Betting

You can read more about horse racing live betting here. We’ll tell you that this is a fast-moving form of betting that requires a sharp mind as well as a thorough knowledge of the sport of horse racing. Betting when you are actually at a racetrack certainly adds another layer of excitement to wagering, so read on to find out more!

What is horse racing live betting?

When punters refer to live betting, they often mean in-play betting. In-play betting is where punters place bets on a sporting even while it is taking place. This means that live betting is very fast moving indeed, and requires you to make quick judgments about odds and the likelihood of certain events occurring. While in sports such as tennis or cricket, live bettors can weigh things up at a pretty leisurely pace, horse racing is much more fast moving.

You need, therefore, to have a really in-depth and extensive knowledge of the sport to be successful at live betting on horse races. You must know the form and history of not just horses but also jockeys and trainers. Nuggets of knowledge such as whether or not a horse is a strong finisher or likes heavy ground, or if the horse jockey is particularly determined in the latter stages of a race, can prove invaluable to a bettor. This is key if you are learning how to bet on horse racing.

What is the difference between live betting and ante-post betting?

Live betting is where you place wagers on a race when it is actually happening. Ante-post betting is where you place bets on horse before the race starts. This is the conventional form of horse racing betting with which most people are familiar. Obviously, given in-running betting moves at a swift pace, we recommend that you garner some experience of ante-post betting before you dive into doing any live horse betting.

Where can you enjoy horse racing live betting?

It is possible to enjoy live betting on horse racing at a number of online bookmakers. Many of the top online bookmakers, such as Betway or bet365, also offer live streaming of horse racing. At most sites, you can check to see if a live stream of a race is being offered by checking the race details on the operator’s site.

In the section where the various markets are displayed beneath the details of the race, you will often see an icon that looks like a Play button or a TV screen. This icon denotes whether or not a race is available for you to watch via live stream. Once you have signed up for an account at one of these horse racing betting sites you can access all of their live streams.

Horse Racing Live Betting

Strategies for horse racing live betting

The best way to be successful at live horse betting is to know as much as possible about the sport of horse racing. You need to be something of an expert if you want to be able to place successful bets on a race as it is taking place. This is because you need to make very swift judgments indeed.

  • Know the form of horses, jockeys and trainers
  • Learn what kind of ground and weather conditions favour specific horses
  • Pay close attention to the horse racing media and insights from expert pundits
  • Check social media channels such as Reddit for tips from experienced punters
  • Use Twitter to gather expert opinions about horses and races
  • Expect to have to make quick decisions as delays are useless in live betting!
  • Keep a close eye on your bankroll and never bet more than you can afford
  • Stay calm and remember that betting is about entertainment!

Horse racing live streaming and live betting

Being able to watch a live stream of a race makes live betting on horse racing much simpler. Indeed, it is almost impossible to place in-play bets on a race unless you have access to a live stream, or you are at the venue where the race is taking place. You need to be able to watch the action unfold so that you can properly weigh up the chances of a horse winning or another event taking place.

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There can be a short gap of just milliseconds between what you are seeing on your stream and the actual events of the race. This makes it very important that you have access to a good stream before you attempt any live betting on horse racing. Watching a race on conventional television is probably the most effective way of ensuring you have access to a good stream. Being at the racetrack is another way of making sure that you are seeing the action unfold in real-time too!


Horse racing live betting is a thrilling way of adding more excitement to your horse race online betting. You need to remember, though, that live horse betting moves very swiftly so you need to have expert knowledge of the sport, as well as a fast-moving, strategically sharp brain to be able to make sound betting decisions. Having access to a live stream or actually being present at the racetrack to witness the race make things significantly easier for you. The ability to remain ice cool under pressure and make decisions quickly is also a real asset! 

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