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Written By Ian John on June 20, 2018

Last week I had a bit of a rant about 10Bets Virtual Greyhound service and the glitches I encountered when reviewing the product. I’m glad to report that those glitches seem to have been sorted on 10Bet now when I checked this week and you can now bet on the game again.

However, now we move on to the third and final Virtual Sports offering at 10Bet, which is Virtual Football. How does 10Bet’s offering stack up against Betway’s? Does this Virtual Sport also suffer from glitches too, or is it error free?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Virtual Football


  • Time Between Events – 3 minutes
  • Teams Playing – International Teams only
  • Venues – 1 (unnamed)
  • Time Split – Up to 1 minute betting window, Up to 2.30 minutes for the highlights (approximately)

Bets Available

  • Match Winner
  • Accumulator bets (on more than one Virtual Football game)
  • Multiple Selection Bets (on more than one Virtual Football game)

10Bet’s information bar for each of the games of Virtual Football that are forthcoming does have what appears to be ten more bets available for each of the games. However, when you click on this to bring up the additional bets, nothing happens.

This is not an isolated incident as the site has experienced this issue for at least the past four weeks, if not longer, which should be ample time to review the problem and fix it.

Therefore, although there may be more than just the bets outlined above on Virtual Football at 10bet, we could not bring you any information on what these bets are as the software is not working fully at present and the bets above are the only available bets you can make at the time of writing.


Rather like the other two Virtual Sports offering on 10Bet, it is clearly evident that the company has not put as much time into personalising or improving the standard Virtual Football offering from the software developer and the end result is something very disappointing, especially when you compare it to what is available with other companies in the Virtual Sports market today.

The typical three minute game begins with a relatively short amount of time to place your bet. This ranges in time from about one minute, down to about 30 seconds for some games. However there is nothing on the screen other than the two teams competing. There is no information about either team, a preview of the game, the results of previous matches and bets. In short, there is nothing to grab your attention or make you want to bet on the game.

Now we hit another problem with 10Bet’s Virtual Football service and that comes in the form of the bets available on each game. On the main screen, you can see a list of the forthcoming games and the odds on the main Match Result market, which is a Home Team Win, a draw and an Away Team win. That’s all well and good if you like betting on this market, but next to this is a box with 10> shown which indicates that a further 10 markets are available on these games.

Only when you click on this button to reveal the 10 additional bets, these are not available. No screen loads up and nothing happens at all when you click the button. So essentially, you are left with just the Match Result bet for betting on one game, though you can partner these selections up to place accumulator or other multiple selection bets, such as Trixies and Lucky 15, Lucky 31 bets for example.

This may be an error with the software and I am pretty sure that this is not an error with my browser because I have tried the software on different machines with different browsers and on mobile devices as well as desktop computers over the last three weeks and each time I meet the same problem.

So, whil you may only have a small amount of time to place your bets on a 10Bet Virtual Football game, you won’t need that long as there’s only one market available for the current game.

Once the period for betting closes, then the highlights for the game starts and this is the best aspect of 10Bet’s offering, although the company uses the same software as you would find on sites like Betway and Bet365 Sport.

What this means is that you get selected highlights of the game that feature the main points of the game, goals, free kicks and corners, missed chances and saves and similar. Each game can see a maximum of four goals scored, so if at any point a team scores three goals in a game, then you know they will be a winner.

Running alongside these edited highlights is a commentary package which is decent enough and features the voice of Sky TV’s commentator Ian Darke, which does give the game a bit more realism and credibility, however after playing the game for a littlr while you will find that the commentary does get a little repetitive and the fact he does not use team or player names a little odd after a while.

After the first half of the game has concluded, the current score is displayed before the game moves onto the second half highlights. At the end of the game the final score is then displayed with the results of some of the betting markets (that you cannot access) also displayed on screen which is somewhat futile if you think about it.

This will stay on screen for a short time before disappearing and then the countdown to the next game begins.

How does 10Bets Virtual Football compare to Betway?

In truth, 10Bet’s Virtual Football game (and its Virtual Sports service to be truthful) is far inferior to what is on offer at Betway, which is somewhat amazing as essentially these are the same products in many respects.

However, 10Bet lets itself down in that its software is glitchy (last week, I had issues using the Virtual Greyhound software, and the Virtual Football software has not allowed any bets other than Match Result bets for the last three weeks). Also the lack of care in terms of presenting the game, personalising it and ensuring that they are presented professionally to customers, is also marked.

Betway (and in truth, bet365’s) Virtual Sports service may use the same basic software, but these companies have worked hard to personalise their game, add a flourish in terms of presentation that makes it feel more realistic and crucially, they offer a wider choice of sports and far more betting options on each virtual sport.

10Bet may offer Virtual Sports but unfortunately, their service lags way behind what the industry leaders in the field are offering.

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