10Bets 3-Way Virtual Basketball Review

Written By Ian John on July 16, 2019

Last week we brought you news of 10-Bet’s exciting new 3-Way Virtual Football game, which offers an exciting alternative to the standard Virtual Football betting product already available on site, by placing all the games and action in the context of a virtual season, and introducing a huge number of additional variables and data, such as players for each of the teams, all of which is tracked and could potentially be utilised within the game.

However, the site has not only got a new Virtual Football product on offer, but there are three other options in the 3-Way section of the site. We are going to bring you more news on the 3-Way Virtual Horseracing and Greyhounds games next week, but for this week we are focusing on the 3-Way Virtual Basketball game available on site.

What is 3-Way Virtual Basketball?

In many ways, the 3-Way Virtual Basketball is extremely similar to the set up in the 3-Way Virtual Football. In this game there are 16 teams, each based on cities across the United States of America. They play each other over the course of a 30-game season with the data for the teams in each team recorded.

Unlike the 3-Way Virtual Football game, individual player data is not collected in Virtual Basketball, but there is still a great deal of data collected for each team including the number of games they play, their position in the league based on the points they earn, the difference in between points scored and conceded as well as a plenty of other data which users can browse through while they consider what bets to place on the game (a good example of this is the head-to-head record between the teams over the past few seasons).

The data and the highlights are all shown in a console at the top of the page and the highlights package runs pretty much constantly, with only a very short time in between each of the games. Each game takes three minutes to run and while one game is being played through on the highlights, you can bet on the next set of games below this. Once that set of games starts, you are no longer able to bet on any of those games, but you can bet on the next set in the season.

What bets are available on 3-Way Virtual Basketball?

As with the 3-Way Virtual Football, there are essentially just three bets made available by 10-Bet on this game and these are the following bets:

  • MoneyLine FT – Essentially this is a bet on which team will win the game at full time.
  • Spread FT – This is a spread bet based on the handicap a team has. The handicap is applied to the team you select score and the result worked out with the handicap applied. For example, if you back Dallas with a handicap of -5.5 points, this means If Dallas do not win the game by six points or more, then your bet will be a loser. Alternatively, if Dallas’ handicap is +5.5, even if Dallas lose the game by a score of five points or fewer, with the handicap applied, your bet on Dallas would still be a winner.
  • Spread 1st Half – This is a very similar bet to the one above, only this bet takes the score at half time as the finishing point for the bet. The stated handicap is applied to your selected teams half time score to decide whether the bet is a winner or not.

These bets are very popular in American sports and they have been replicated here probably because this is a virtual representation of one of America’s most popular team sports and also because they offer simple, two-choice betting.

What is the game presentation like in 3-Way Basketball?

It is fair to say that the presentation of the game in 3-Way Basketball is superb. The highlights package runs for pretty much the entire 3 minutes, but each game is played out over four quarters, as in real life, and each scoreline is very much as you would get in real life. There are no limits on the number of baskets scored, so you do get realistic scorelines that do add a dynamic sense of realism to the game.

One thing to note is that there is no commentary on the game, which is a bit of a disappointment and does detract a little from the atmosphere of the game. The sound otherwise is just the squeaks of sneakers on the basketball court, the bounce of the ball and a number of different crowd effects which neatly reflect what is happening on the screen.

The games tend to show baskets, although the occasional highlight will show a shot that is missed. Recaps of each half in terms of the score and statistics are shown at half time and full time and also a full time, a recap of the winning markets from a number of popular bets (though not all are available in this version of the game) are also displayed.

What is nice is that around the edge of the screen where the highlights are shown are a number of statistics about the game which update as the game is played through to show the number of turnovers, offensive and defensive rebounds won and the field goal accuracy for each team, as well as a graph plotting the difference in score between the the two teams throughout the game.

All in all, this is an excellent representation of the game and the animations are very nicely done.

Is 3-Way Virtual Basketball worth a look?

If you enjoy Virtual Sports betting then 3-Way Virtual Basketball offers very similar betting to what you get on the 3-Wat Virtual Football game. The added context of games taking place in a season does give the game added appeal and the fact you can check through the data makes it feel very much like real sports betting.

If you love Virtuals, then this is a game you should definitely try.


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