The International 2022: GG.BET Revealed as Official Betting Partner

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on September 2, 2022
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For the first time ever, The International will be supported by a partnership with a betting provider. It has been revealed that GG.BET will serve as the official betting partner for several stages of The International, arguably the most prestigious esports tournament in the industry. This news comes following a long and fruitful partnership between GG.BET and the organisers of The International, PGL.

As a core component of this deal, GG.BET will work with esports influencers and ambassadors to create unique, exclusive content focused on The International. For this event, GG.BET will be the official betting partner for the Regional Qualifiers, the Last Chance Qualifiers, and the Group Stage. This will mean that the platform’s branding will feature prominently across the tournament from the 3rd of September to the 18th of October.

As one of the leading betting platforms in the business, GG.BET will have no issues becoming the home of Dota 2 betting.

For The First Time Ever

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This is a landmark moment for the esports industry, and for both PGL and GG.BET. For the past eleven years, The International has reigned supreme as one of the most valuable, prolific esports tournaments in the industry. Last year, it shattered records by offering up the largest prize pool ever seen in gaming, thanks to an innovative crowdfunding method. This year, the excitement is set to continue in full, with twenty teams taking to the stage of the ultimate Dota 2 event.

In a statement, the CEO of PGL, Silviu Stroie, praised the partnership, welcoming GG.BET with open arms:

We are delighted that GG.BET has become the first official betting partner for the first three stages of this year’s The International. We’ve already been able to rely on them for quite some time now and the GG.BET team has already proven just how much they bring to the table as a sponsor. It’s great to be involved with a brand that knows esports entertainment inside out, as well as what huge events such as TI entail.’

For a while, a blossoming relationship has been developing between both PGL and GG.BET. Recently, GG.BET has become the betting partner of choice for several top-tier CSGO tournaments hosted by PGL. These tournaments include the prolific events held in Stockholm, Antwerp, and Arlington.

What Will GG.BET Offer?

GG.BET will bring exclusive content to the table for a wealth of Dota 2 fans to enjoy. Furthermore, the platform itself will play host to bonuses and promotions built specifically for this event. If you’re looking for the best Dota 2 odds during The International, it makes perfect sense that you’ll find them on GG.BET’s platform.

As part of a press release from the firm, the CEO of GG.BET, Dmitry Voshkarin, spoke highly of the upcoming entertainment:

Becoming the first betting partner of the first three stages of this year’s The International is an incredible opportunity for GG.BET. We’ve come a long way with PGL and are delighted to take our collaboration to the next level. We will continue to organize unique shows, exciting contests, themed bonuses and prizes, and do everything else in our power to make sure every Dota 2 fan has an unforgettable time enjoying the tournament.’

The International’s main event runs from the 15th to the 30th of October, and at present, it boasts a $6 million prize pool.

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