A Guide To Forecast/Tricast Betting On Virtual Sports

Written By Ian John on September 27, 2017

Did you know that as well as betting on plenty of individual markets, there is an option for you to have a multiple selection bet on some Virtual Sports? These are Forecast and Tricast bets and they are a way that punters can enjoy some much longer odds bets than you would ordinarily find in a single bet on this type of wager.

In this article, we are going to take a look at how Forecast and Tricast betting works at Bet365 Virtual Sports. Which sports is this type of betting offered on? How do you make these types of bets and what options are available to you?

Let’s start though by explaining what exactly Forecast and Tricast bets are.

What are Forecast/Tricast bets?

  • Forecast Bets

A Forecast bet is simply a bet where the punter instead of just trying to pick the winner of a race or an event, will instead try to pick the winner and the runner up. In a standard forecast bet, the selections have to finish in the correct order for the bet to win. Alternatively, there is an option to select two runners and have them finish in any order (called a Combination Forecast) and your bet will still win (this is similar to an each way option and costs more as the punter has to cover an additional outcome).

For example, if you place a standard Forecast Bet on Virtual Greyhounds and select Trap 2 to win and Trap 5 to finish second. Then you cover one line with your bet and if your unit stake is £10 then your bet will cost £10.

However, if you place an Combination Forecast bet on Trap 2 and Trap 5, you need to cover Trap 2 winning and Trap 5 finishing second, plus Trap 5 winning and Trap 2 finishing second. Hence you will need to cover two lines and for a £10 unit stake, this means the cost of your bet would be £20.

  • Tricast Bets

As the name suggests, a Tricast bet is where the punter not only tries to pick the winner and runner up in a race, but also the runner that finishes in third place too.  Like the Forecast bet, punters can place a Combination Tricast bet where they simply select the three runners who will finish in the top three in any order, although the cost of this bet is significantly greater per unit stake.

For example, a standard Tricast bet on horseracing where the punter backs horse 5 to win, horse 7 to finish second and horse 1 to finish third would for a £10 unit stake, cost £10 to place.

However, a Combination Tricast bet on the same three horses would require the punter to cover six different lines to cover all the possible combinations that the outcome of the race could produce. These being

  1. No 5, No 7, No 1
  2. No 5, No 1, No 7
  3. No 7, No 5, No 1
  4. No 7, No 1, No 5
  5. No 1, No 5, No 7
  6. No 1, No 7, No 5

This means that for a Combination Tricast bet of a unit stake of £10, this would cost you £60 to place. You therefore have to weigh up carefully whether it is worth placing that bet based on your projected returns for each of the six different result scenarios where you would win. Any other result however would produce an immediate loss.

Provided that any of the six outcomes are landed in the race using the three horses selected, then your bet would be a winner, although how much it would return would depend on the odds of each of your selections and the position in which they finished in the race.

What Virtual Sports at Bet365 offer Forecast/Tricast betting?

The list of Virtual Sports at Bet365 that offer Forecast/Tricast betting is outlined below together with which types of bet are available:

  • Horseracing  – Standard and Combination Forecast, Standard and Combination Tricast
  • Greyhounds – Standard and Combination Forecast, Standard and Combination Tricast
  • Motor Car Racing – Standard and Combination Forecast, Standard and Combination Tricast
  • Speedway – Standard and Combination Forecast
  • Cycling – Standard and Combination Forecast, Standard and Combination Tricast
  • Trotting – Standard and Combination Forecast, Standard and Combination Tricast

Due to the nature of the bet, Tricast/Forecast betting isn’t available on Virtual Football or Virtual Tennis, plus for Virtual Speedway, only the Standard and Combination Forecast bets are available as each Speedway race only has a maximum of four riders competing.

How do I place a Forecast or Tricast bet at Bet365 Virtual Sports?

Outlined below are simple step by step instructions to placing the different types of Forecast or Tricast bets available at Bet365 Virtual Sports:

  • Placing a Forecast Bet

It is very easy to place a Forecast bet on any Virtual Sport as the process is the same for each, regardless of which sport you are betting on. The same is true for any Forecast/Tricast bet on Virtual Sports.

All you need to do is locate the Forecast/Tricast coupon at the bottom of the page and then for the Forecast Bet, select which runner you think will win the race and which one will finish second. Then click the yellow Add to Bet Slip button.

Once added, you can then enter your stake for the bet on the Bet Slip and click Place Bet to place your bet.

  • Placing a Combination Forecast Bet

The process for placing a Combination Forecast bet is similar only in this bet you do not select the order of the finishers, 1st and 2nd, but instead click on the third column available with the word “Any” written in it.

Simply select the two runners you think will finish 1st and 2nd in any order in the race and then click the yellow Add to Bet Slip Button. Go to your Bet Slip and remembering that this bet will cost you 2x your Unit Stake, place your bet.

  • Placing a Tricast Bet

With a Tricast bet, you simply follow the same instructions as you would for the Forecast bet, but use the Tricast coupon to the right of it. Select which runners you think will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd and then click on the yellow Add to Bet Slip button.

Once added, you simply then enter your stake and click the Place Bet button to get your bet on.

  • Placing a Combination Tricast Bet

A Combination Tricast bet is completed on the Tricast coupon and you simply select the three runners you think will finish in any of the top three positions of the race. Once you have selected three, click on the Add to Bet Slip button.

Here, you now go to your Bet Slip and enter your stake, remembering that your total bet cost for this bet will be 6x your Unit Stake.

What benefits are there to Forecast/Tricast bets?

The main benefit for this type of betting on Virtual Sports is that it offers punters a generally longer odds option than backing an individual option alone. Of course, longer odds does mean that these bets can be difficult to land, so this should be a small stake bet, with the hope of landing a sizeable reward if your bet comes in.

Combination bets are more expensive, especially for Tricast options, but they do offer greater flexibility in whether your bet can win. However you do need to review the potential payouts for your selections to ensure that you will cover the cost of your bet if you win.


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