Long Shots or Backing the Favourite? Which Virtual Sports Suits Your Betting?

Written By Ian John on January 23, 2019

When you think about how you choose to bet, one good question to ask yourself is what kind of punter are you? The reason it is a good question to ask is because the kind of punter that you are will determine the type of bets you will make and the betting markets and sports that are going to appeal most to you.

For example, if you are someone who likes lower-risk, shorter odds betting, then you are likely going to be betting on different selections, different markets and indeed different sports, compared to someone who prefers to make lower stakes, but higher risk bets that could potentially pay out a lot more, but which only have a relatively limited chance of success.

This is the case not only in the world of betting on real sports events, but also in Virtual Sports betting, where those differences in betting are perhaps even more pronounced. So in this article, we are going to establish three different types of punter, based on their preferred bets and then we will examine which Virtual Sports and Virtual Sports betting markets are best suited to each of those types.

So let’s begin by clearly defining our three different types of punter.

What type of punter are you?

For the purposes of this article we are going to divide punters up into roughly three groups, although there will always be punters who will bet differently at different times and who will fit into each category at some point.

  • Short Odds Punter – This is a punter who tends to back the shorter priced options in an event and who likes bets around the even money mark that offer them a far greater chance of success. These punters may bet more on each bet than others in the hope of the bet being a success.
  • Medium Odds Punter – These are punters that will back selections that are not perhaps the favourite for an event, but who still have a good chance and which typically have odds of between 2/1 and 10/1.
  • Long Odds Punter – These are the low risk, high reward punters that may only bet a small amount on a selection, as the odds for their selections tend to be much higher. For the purposes of this article, we have stated a long odds punter being anyone who tends to back bets of odds of 10/1 or greater, such as those who enjoy football accumulator bets or similar.

So now we have defined what each type of punter is, let’s now determine which type of Virtual Sports and the bets available in each, are best suited to each type.

What Virtual Sports suit a shorter-odds backer?

  • Prime Pick – Virtual Speedway
  • Some Markets/Bets Available – Virtual Greyhounds, Virtual Football

If you prefer to back shorter odds selections and like to have a good chance of winning when you place a bet, then Virtual Speedway is without doubt the best choice. Each race has just four runners to select from and as such, the spread of odds between the riders is relatively small compared to other Virtual Sports.

Of course, the plus side is that even if you randomly pick a rider, then you have a 1 in 4 chance of picking the winner in a race, which is considerably better odds than backing a competitor in a different Virtual Sport.

You can also find shorter odds selections available in Virtual Greyhounds in particular, which has just six runners in each race, while some of the markets available on Virtual Football, such as the Match Result market, or the Over/Under goal markets also offer lower odds options with a good chance of landing a winner.

What Virtual Sports suit a medium-odds punter?

  • Prime Pick – Virtual Greyhounds,
  • Some Markets/Bets Available – Virtual Football, Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Motor Racing, Virtual Cycling

If you are a punter that likes the medium value odds then the good news is that pretty much all Virtual Sports will offer you this particular type of bet, athough I feel that Virtual Greyhounds, with just six competitors in each race, is probably the best bet, although you’d steer away from backing the favourite in the race most times.

Other positive options include a number of bets on Virtual Football, as well as Virtual Horse racing, Virtual Motor Racing and Virtual Cycling, all of which offer plenty of bets within the middle range. As a general rule of thumb, the more competitors in a race, the more of these middling bets you will find available, but the more difficult you will likely find it to pick a winner more often.

What Virtual Sports suit a longer odds punter?

  • Prime Pick – Virtual Horse Racing
  • Some Markets/Bets Available – Virtual Football

In truth there are not too many Virtual Sports that offer longer odds options. The best option is to back some of the outsiders in Virtual Horse Racing as these can be some of the longest odds available in Virtual Sports betting, although some markets in Virtual Football, such as predicting the Correct Score in the game, can also produce longer odds bets too.

One option with Virtual Sports for longer odds punters is to combine selections into a multiple selection bet such as a double, treble or accumulator. You can do this by looking ahead to the Virtual Sports events starting after the current one and by adding your selections to your bet slip. These bets can produce some very long odds, but they are also amongst the most difficult bets to land on a regular basis. However, you may only need to win one bet to record a huge win.

I like to bet on a number of shorter, longer and medium odds selections, what is the best Virtual Sport for me?

If you are someone who likes to back a variety of different odds selections in Virtual Sports and like to try and spread your bets around the different options, then your best options are probably Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Motor Racing and Virtual Cycling.

The reasons for that being that these three events have a nice number of competitors and as such have the widest range of bets, including odds on favourites, plentiful mid-odds selections and of course, the longer odds outside bets.

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