My Favourite Virtual Sports Bets And Why

Written By Ian John on October 31, 2018

Like any other form of sports betting, once you get bitten by the Virtual Sports bug, then you will soon come to find that there are certain bets on certain sports that you tend to go back to more often than others.

While everyone’s tastes in betting are different, there are those who tend to back the favourites for example, whereas others really enjoy the thrill of backing and potentially landing a longer odds winner, once you get into the swing of betting again, you do tend to find you make the same bets time and time again.

The reasons for this can be many. They may just be your favourite type of bet, other times you may have had more success with this type of bet than others. Whatever the reason, if you enjoy placing a certain bet type on real sports events, then you will likely find you fall into the same habits when playing Virtual Sports.

However, what is interesting about Virtual Sports is that you will often see punters have different favourite bets that they use most often, for different Virtual Sports. It is this variability in betting that makes Virtual Sports so enjoyable to play and potentially, profitable if you are lucky enough.

With that in mind, I am going to give you a breakdown of my personal favourite bets I make when playing a variety of Virtual Sports at Betway.

Virtual Football

This is the Virtual Sport that I tend to bet on most frequently and when I do, I tend to place three types of bet most often on these games.


This is simply a match winner bet, which means you back either team, or the draw, to win the game (or finish level) at the odds suggested. What I have noticed is that compared to real life football, draws are relatively fewer in number in Virtual Football on Betway, so I tend to back one or other of the teams to win the game with this particular type of bet.

Of course, there’s no context to judge whether one team is better than the other, other than the odds available, so I do approach these bets very much in the same mindset as a spin on the slots, knowing that there is actually little I can do to persuade me one betting option is better than the other. As such, if I have not won for a few bets, I will usually back the draw (which is often a better odds selection) for a few rounds in the hope of landing a bigger win and to recoup some of what I have bet previously.


As well as betting on the Win/Draw/Win market on single games, I will also often put together two or three games into a single accumulator, all based on the same Win/Draw/Win market. I hardly ever make accumulators with four or more selections in Virtual Sports due to the more random nature of these games making them very difficult to predict.

However, if you can land a double, or treble with this bet, then you can win a considerable sum of money, even for a relatively small stake. However, the more selections you add to the accumulator the more difficult it becomes to land, especially in Virtual Sports, which are more unpredictable than real life football.

Correct Score

This is another simple bet which I enjoy and which can offer the potential for some big returns. It is important to note that correctly guessing the score of a game can be very difficult and it is not a bet that you will likely land very often, but if you can land the bet once every 6 or 7 times you bet on it, then you could well start to make yourself a profit, especially if you back one of the longer odds scorelines and get lucky.

In truth, due to the tougher nature of this bet, I tend to only bet on this market when I am downsizing the size of my stake per game and want to bet less but still want to try and land a bigger value win.

Virtual Horse Racing & Greyhound Racing, Virtual Cycling & Motor Racing

I have put these four Virtual Sports together as I find my betting on each is relatively similar due to the fact they are race-based Virtuals, and they have between 6 and 13 competitors in each event.

Race Winner

By far the most popular bet I use on these sports is to back the race winner. Again, I tend to make smaller stakes bets and back middle to longer odds for these races and on occasion, I will also back a Top 2 finish, especially in horse races that have just a smaller number of runners.  This can be a tricky bet to hit with any regularity though.

Top 3 Finish

You can still get some decent value on selections in the Top 3 Finish market at Betway with all of these Virtual Sports. The odds are much shorter, but you do have 3x more chance of landing a winner as a place in the top three is all you need to secure a win. Backing the favourite isn’t an option here, so I tend to back the longer odds selections in the hope one will land in the top three and still allow me to pick up a decent return.

Virtual Speedway

Virtual Speedway is different to the other Virtual Sports as it always comprises of just four competitors, so I tend to restrict my betting on this event to just two types of bets.

Race Winner

As always, I find the Race Winner bet a good one to pick on Virtual Speedway and with the shorter odds on selections (and better chances of winning due to being just four runners), I will tend to bet a little more on each race with Virtual Speedway than I would with the other Virtual racing games.


If I start to get a bit lucky with my winners on Virtual Speedway, I may then start to make a double or even a rare treble bet on two or three race winners. These are very tough to hit (even with just four runners) but they can produce a decent return for even a small stakes bet.


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