Zed Run and Unikrn partner up to bring Blockchain-based Horse Racing

Written By Gianfranco Capozzi on March 9, 2020
Virtual Horse Racing blockchain

In a rather risky bet to combine the audiences of esports, online gambling, and virtual horse racing, Unikrn starts a new partnership with ZED RUN one of the most interesting online racing games on the market.

This way, you can play at Zed Run and buy the horses and then sell them through Unikrn’s platform.

What is Zed Run?

We talk about a horse racing game that includes an innovative system of purchase, breeding, and tracking for each horseplayer.

In the game, you will find 4 bloodlines called Buterin, Finney, Nakamoto, and Szabo. Along with a stable system that will allow you to pass the characteristics from one stallion to another trough breeding.

Virtual Horse Racing blockchain

Also, the horse simulation is quite realistic, having unique attributes for each unit, including its capabilities, size, uniqueness, and ride. I also have a small system that evaluates the horse’s age and feeding regime.

In this way, the game is supported by an NFT similar to the one created by Dapper Labs for crypto kitties. Bottom line, you could look at this as a simulator –Like Sims- directed to the horse breeding and racing industry –And with real money on the line.

How does this translate?

In short, what Zen Run looks for is that the complete simulation allows you to do in digital everything you could do for real in the horse racing industry.

in this way, you can not only bet but you can have a stable, breed the horses, train them to gain notoriety and even sell them when they are at their best.

Traditional horse racing has a betting market that is still quite striking in the middle of 2020; however, it is a sport that is still dominated by previous generations. Moreover, many of the fans are not in a position or disposition to attend the tracks anymore.

Thus, little by little some horse racing tracks have been tried to be digitized through Twitch and other platforms. However, success has not been as fast, especially in terms of coverage as most of the tracks do not have much variety.

This is where Zed Run tries to take the lead. The costs will be much lower than with real horses, the excitement can be the same, and the algorithm will allow a little more chance within the possibilities.

Moreover, following the theme of online casinos, this new alliance will allow users to put their horses and their bets on the most famous tracks in the world (Such as Sydney Harbor Bridge, for example).

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Can I breed a horse?

As long as you buy horses of both sexes, the game allows perfectly the breeding of new horses.

There is also the possibility of linking your horses with horses from other stables. (Although the baby that is born will always go with the mother).

Blockchain Virtual Horse Racing

How will transactions work?

The standardized information of each horse exists through a system of blockchains based on ETH’s ERC-721. On the other hand, Unikrn will be in charge of the transactions for bets, which will allow payments through USD the page’s token (UKG).

In this regard, Unikrn will only be available for betting when races start. While you will need to open a Zed Run account in order to buy a horse.

Besides, keep in mind that this type of betting is still only legal in 41 States.

About Unikrn

Unikrn is a betting company launched in 2014 through an investment fund which raised over 10 million dollars to start, mainly based on the idea of creating betting and development centers for esports, without leaving aside traditional betting.

Among the things that make the birth of this company interesting is the participation of several celebrities like Mark Cuban or Ashton Kutcher.

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