Abios and GRID Sign Data-Driven Esports Partnership

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on July 21, 2023 - Last Updated on January 12, 2024
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It was recently announced that GRID and Abios had formed a tactical, data-driven esports partnership. As esports betting becomes increasingly lucrative, the desire to become driven by statistics is becoming more readily apparent, and companies like GRID are spearheading the provision of this crucial data. Abios, on the other hand, is an industry-leading esports solutions provider – which includes the provision of advanced, reliable esports betting odds feeds.

In recent months, both GRID and Abios have been undergoing aggressive expansions. This is the latest in a long line of deals designed to bolster the evolution of esports betting, with the industry becoming increasingly intelligent and regulated over time. These days, esports data is handled much the same as traditional sports data, and from any given match-up, thousands of different data points could be collected – and shared between organisations like GRID and Abios.

Data-Driven Desire

It was revealed that GRID’s advanced data services will serve as an evolved foundation for Abios’ automated, proprietary odds feeds. It will go as far as to power data modelling products and predictive engines, such is the nature and depth of the data being made available. It isn’t just recording kills and wins anymore – esports data is becoming more advanced with each passing day. Typically, when a top-tier esports league goes live, the data and production service quality flies through the roof.

In a statement, the Founder and CEO of Abios, Oskar Froberg, said:

‘Working with official esports data industry leaders is essential to unlocking the full potential of the esports betting market. The real-time data provided by GRID is crucial to be able to build and offer cutting edge products. The best end user experiences and most competitive products will be built on official data and as such we at Abios and Kambi look forward to building on top of the GRID portfolio.’

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These two organisations are neck-deep in the world of esports, and as industry leaders, they’re effectively carving the way forward. It wasn’t just Abios that looks forward to the benefits of this deal, as GRID’s Mikael Westerling also spoke on the partnership:

‘We are looking forward to integrating our official data into the Kambi’s ecosystem and support their offering with the GRID’s data feeds, esports-specialised technology and integrity services. The unique value coming from the scale of Kambi’s network, visionary approach, and the Abios’ products capabilities have been continuously impressing us at GRID, and we are committed to ensure their products can thrive powered by GRID data.’

As esports betting continues to evolve, it’s becoming much more valuable. It’s the result of the boom that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, and coming out of the back of that, it hasn’t ever slowed down. This partnership is a key indicator of how things are maturing over time.

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