Conor McGregor to host a new mobile game tournament

Written By Andrew Boggs on June 3, 2021 - Last Updated on June 10, 2021
McGregor Beetroot Lab partnership

UFC star Conor McGregor is getting into the mobile gaming market. The latest mobile strategy game from Beetroot Lab, Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, is preparing to kick off what they claim to be the biggest epic mobile tournament.

The event

This event will be held in collaboration with Conor McGregor, the star of the game. The game launched back in 2020 in close partnership with the UFC star and international celebrity Conor McGregor and Paradigm Sports Management.

This is the start of a massive live multiplayer tournament platform for the mobile game. It will be hosted by McGregor who himself is also a playable character in the game. The tournament will be broken down into daily single and duo tournaments, these smaller tournaments are open to anyone and the prize for winning are in-game items.

If you want to push yourself a little bit further, there are also weekly and monthly tournaments which will serve as qualification for the yearly tournament. The yearly tournament is where things get interesting. There are some crazy prizes up for grabs if you rank high enough. They are offering signed merchandise, a meeting with Conor McGregor, a Lamborghini, and cash prizes worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. It may not be a traditional esports event but there are certainly some impressive prizes for the winners.

McGregor Beetroot Lab partnership

Comment from the organisations

Davis Ziedins, co-founder of Beetroot Lab spoke about their new partnership with McGregor:

“We could not be more excited about this game and this partnership. Conor McGregor has signed potentially the most lucrative athlete/celebrity multi-year licensing agreement in the history of mobile gaming. He is a truly global presence, and he will help boost Dystopia into a major success.”

Kilay Reinfeld, President of Paradigm Sports also spoke about the partnership:

“The multibillion-dollar mobile gaming industry is one we’ve looked to enter with our client and business partner, Conor McGregor. We are looking forward to bringing this engaging and addictive gameplay to both Conor and gaming fans worldwide.”

Conor McGregor also had something to say about his new deal with the mobile game:

“First, I took over the fight game, then the whiskey game, and I’m now coming to take over the mobile game industry, which I’m all in on.”

The game and McGregor

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes has already been moving from strength to strength in the few months since it has launched. It has been named the Best Mobile strategy game in Europe by Huawei, mentioned in the “Top-5 Games We Love” in the Apple App Store, and featured in the Google Play and Samsung App Stores.

It is an unusual move for McGregor to partner with a mobile game like Dystopia, he is actually one of the first sports stars to be a playable character in a mobile game outside of the obvious sports titles. It remains to be seen how much McGregor will actually be involved in this event but the team at Beetroot Labs are certainly making the most out of it.

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