GG.BET Enters UK Market Via Esports Betting Partnership

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on August 4, 2023 - Last Updated on January 12, 2024 uk

GG.BET is considered a legendary operator in the esports betting space. It’s a top-tier solution with years in the business, and it has taken centre stage at some of the most prestigious esports tournaments around. It was recently revealed that the popular operator has now entered the UK betting market via a partnership with established London-based firm, Rednines Gaming. This partnership has seen Rednines – trading as ‘DR.BET’ – secure the ability to use the GG.BET trademark in-country.

Not only that, but the company will now redirect its users to the GG.BET UK domain – but all DR.BET customers and portfolios will be ported across to GG.BET, too. This now means that users in the United Kingdom can take advantage of GG.BET’s extensive esports betting portfolio, as well as a range of entertaining and profitable casino and slot games, bonuses, and promotions.

Becoming Part of a Global Brand

GG.BET, which was founded in Ukraine, has enjoyed a prolific rise to fame and fortune in the last few years. It’s an attractive platform that has managed to pull in many millions of users, and thanks to some other partnerships with esports tournament organisers, it has seen its logo spread far and wide across the industry. Recently, GG.BET estimated that the betting sector in the United Kingdom had grown by more than 47% in the past three years – which means it’s a great time to get involved.

In a statement, the CEO of GG.BET UK, Sergii Mishchenko, said:

‘The decision to purchase the GGBET franchise is an important step for the development of our company. The UK betting market is highly competitive. As a result, we decided to continue operating under a strong international brand that will allow us to stand out among other bookmakers. We’re delighted to become a part of a global brand, and are looking forward to contributing to the esports betting market in the UK.’

On the GG.BET platform, there are almost no competitive titles that aren’t covered. It’s a diverse esportsbook that caters for those betting on League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and everything in between. It’s a personalised service, too – last year, GG.BET launched a ‘smart feed’ that offers customers the ability to fully tweak the content that is recommended to them as bettors.

This could be the ground floor of a global expansion for GG.BET. It has the brand name, it has the partnerships, and it has the profile. All that’s left now is for GG.BET to work its way up to becoming the best esports betting solution in the industry.

If you’d like to learn more about this prestigious platform, consider checking out our GG.BET review.

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