GoldenRace Reveals New MMA-Based Virtual Betting Game

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on March 24, 2023

GoldenRace, a firm that has been at the heart of virtual sports betting for almost two decades, has revealed an all-new MMA-based product. It’s simply named ‘MMA’, and it’s a realistic, immersive product built using the latest motion capture and 3D technology. It’s an insight into the next generation of virtual sports – which will one day become indistinguishable from actual, in-person sporting events.

MMA is the latest in a long line of virtual sports betting products to come from within GoldenRace. From digital horse racing to advanced virtual football, and from virtual motocross to basketball, GoldenRace offers a wide range of virtual games to providers all too eager to soak them up. Now, the MMA product breaks into the market, featuring real MMA fighters captured using remarkable scanning technology.

One Day, We Won’t Tell The Difference

goldenrace mma body
GoldenRace’s MMA is almost indistinguishable from real life (Image Credit: GoldenRace)

GoldenRace’s MMA is easily one of the most realistic virtual sports betting products to ever debut. It beats some of the best virtual soccer products by a mile, offering up a ‘fiercely realistic fighting experience’ that actually sees combatants become more injured as the match progresses. There are dynamic odds up for grabs across each series, which will last three rounds apiece. It’s designed to be as authentic an experience as possible, and it’s available right now for retail and mobile-based solutions.

There was a short ‘making of’ video published by GoldenRace that perfectly highlights the technical complexity behind MMA.

GoldenRace also has a hand in traditional casino games, live betting games, and slots, but it’s arguably in the virtual sports betting world where the firm excels. Like MMA, all of GoldenRace’s games are as advanced as they could be, being as they are built with the latest technology in mind.

In a post published on GoldenRace’s news site, the firm expanded on the MMA platform:

‘… for those with no Internet connection, GoldenRace’s MMA offers a fantastic live simulation feature that lets players follow the action even when the connection is down. GoldenRace goes one step further, bringing its MMA closer to working as a real sports betting game with its dynamic odds, a one-of-a-kind feature in the market only available in GoldenRace’s Virtual Sports.’

MMA offers up an exciting glimpse into the future and potential of virtual sports betting. Who knows what GoldenRace – and its competitors – will release next?

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