Oddin.gg Partners with Stake.com To Provide Esports Odds

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on May 5, 2023

It was recently revealed that Oddin.gg is continuing to expand through 2023 by partnering with top-tier betting operators and players in the esports and gambling spaces. Most recently, Oddin.gg inked deals to stand alongside the likes of GRID, MaxBet, and NSoft, but the latest partnership sees Oddin.gg join forces with Stake.com. As a one-stop solution for all things esports betting, Stake.com is poised to take advantage of Oddin.gg’s services in order to build out a comprehensive esports offering.

At the heart of the partnership sits an advanced odds feed service, as well as a ‘tailor-mode risk management solution’, and other services that we’ve discussed at length below. Stake’s profile in the news ebbs and flows with each passing day, and the brand has recently found itself in controversial waters for backing the scandalous streaming platform, Kick.com. However, this is nothing but good news, and it’s a sign that Stake.com is poised to take advantage of the growing popularity of the esports betting markets.

Esports Growth is Everywhere

oddin.gg stake

Stake.com intends to make an impression on the esports betting industry by leveraging Oddin.gg’s services. With an enhanced ecosystem at its fingertips, Oddin.gg has transformed the esports betting offering of numerous platforms. It’s a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that includes:

  • Advanced esports betting odds feeds
  • Risk management solution (perfect for a crypto-based platform like Stake.com)
  • Widgets and iFrame solutions
  • Content and marketing services

That expansive offering is why so many firms are all too eager to partner with Oddin.gg. This was a sentiment mirrored by Dominic Hardcastle, the Director of Operations at Stake.com:

‘The selection of Oddin.gg was straightforward, given their expertise and perfect range of products for our purposes. Our new partnership with Oddin.gg will help us double down on our investment in esports crypto betting. We are looking forward to getting the new offerings ready and available for our players soon.’

There was also a lot of praise showered on the partnership from Oddin.gg’s side of the table. From that firm’s perspective, the Co-Founder and Managing Director, Marek Suchar, said:

‘We are looking forward to working with Stake.com, a leading crypto casino and sportsbook. We share the same interest in continuously enhancing the esports betting experience and user engagement for players all around the world. With Stake, the stakes are even higher than before.’

Oddin.gg now has an even more prestigious portfolio than ever before. In recent months, the firm has partnered with the likes of LOOT.BET and Betway to provide enhanced esports betting odds feeds. In fact, there are more than 250 brands leveraging Oddin.gg’s services as we speak.

If you’re interested in learning more about the betting platform, you can check out our comprehensive Stake.com review.

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